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do you know if is posibble return to firmware previous. For example if i have the firmware 2.18 i update to 3xx. What diference do you have between firmware 2.18 and the last.


I would recommend to update to the latest FW. 2.18 is outdated. You can upload custom FW from the custom FW tab if you want to downgrade.



Ok, ordered the st link v2, gettn it next week.
now, in f.o.c. (old bldc tool) what are safe numbers for a mono 6374 149kv 10s2p- (Motor max, motor min. regen and Batt. max. Amps, Batt. min. Amps regen)? as always, thanks to all who always help.


I would use 45A max for the Motor and Battery (same value for both if your Battery can handle that). Regen depends on your battery pack. 25-30A regen should be no issue for the HW 4.12. Maytech and FOC gives some users mixed emotions. Low KV motor and low Amp settings certainly helps to keep the ESC alive.





Well, your ESC has no Bootloader I guess, and I woud simply upload it via VESC-Tool. Worst case outcome if you mess up the botloader section: you need to buy a 3€ ST-Link from Ebay.



i ordered it from ebay, it comes in this wk. thanks for your help.


You don’t need it if the bootloader upload works.



Ok, but it came in today.


Can you tell me how to connect the stlink? i dont know where to connect wires (colors) to the st link.

  1. Download STlink Utility (
  2. Download the last FW from Benjamin for HW4.12
  3. Install STlink Utility (it is inlc. drivers for the STlink)
  4. Connenct the STlink to the Vesc with only 3 Pins SWDIO --> IO, GND --> GND, SWCLK --> CLK (NEVER connect the 3.3v pin, RTS no need)
  5. Power on the Vesc
  6. Open STlink Utility
  7. Open the tap TARGET and klick Connect --> the program show you the infos of your VESC
  8. Open the Tap FILE and klick open --> search for the file “VESC_default.bin” and select (base address is 0x080E0000)
  9. Use the write button (The second on the right)
  10. Press Start at the open window --> the programm will flash your Vesc
    11.After finisch close the Programm, power off your Vesc and disconnect the STlink
  11. Connect the Vesc via USB and open the Vesc Tool to upgrade the FW


Help with Focbox firmware / bootloader upgrade [VESC TOOL]

Everything is working excellent now, i really like this new vesc tool, much easier to set everything up, now i can teach my son how to work this new vesc tool, the older software was difficult for him to learn.

I really want to setup F.O.C. but the vesc tool has my battery currents at 34v start cuttoff and 31v end cuttoff, is that safe for foc on a turnigy 6374 149kv?


The battery cut off settings are not relevant for FOC but the problem is the maytech hw, you should run BLDC mode only (I tried FOC and can’t recommend it)


Thank you. What was your experience with foc and maytech vesc, what kind of issues did you have? just curious.


Multiple faults and dropouts for several seconds everytime when hitting the brake (even with no load).


Exactly the same, in blcd rocks


Scary. Ok, thanks, bldc it is.


I upgraded my focbox to 3.34 but now having problems with motor detection in bldc mode. It is spinning up the 6374 190kv motor but failing with bad detection result received. Anyone else run into this issue?


Thank you for that.


Hallo Guys…

Being out of the game for a while.
With the newest vesc tool /firmware. Is it safe now to run FOC mode on my focboxes ? (10s build - sk3 6364/190kv) And is the foc motor detection working now for focbox ? Last time i tried , it didn’t