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I got this all sorted. Apparently after I completed everything above, all I needed to do was follow the Motor Setup Wizard.
So, change the controller type to PPM, then do motor setup wizard.


Any news, about the R = 0 bug ??


Hopefully we have a result tonight. Benjamin wanted to test out a couple of motors when he is back home.
The last two weeks were really busy… This matter needs a quiet moment. I hope the issue will replicate tonight or tomorrow. Fingers crossed! As mentioned before the F-Box he got went through motor and app Wizard without any issues, although it was reported to have the R=0 issue. Maybe the controller is afraid of Benjamin and decided to give up making trouble when it realized where it currently is.

Benjamin just confirmed that it should not have anything to to with the version of VESC-Tool, since the section caring for motor detection didn’t change.



I hope he is working something out. Several motors on FOCBOX give me R=0 bug… High and low KV, no difference.

Only thing that Work. Is flashing back to 2,18fw, do a foc detection, take a screenshot of the values , flash back to 3,29fw, and put in the numbers manually.


What is your HW ?
And which FW version did you updated from ?


it only has version 6 fmw tho


can you try running a bldc detection, then run FOC detection again, without reflashing fw


dosn`t change a thing…


Where did you get the vesc tool from? The one I posted?


Yeah, i thought it was fmw bin. but the vesc tool. it only shows up ver 60, nothing for 410


Ohh that means I posted the one for the VESC6. Ill find the 3.26FW for the 4.12 vesc’s and post it. Sorry about that.


Did you try reading you fw type in the tool after connecting in the limited mode?


No it’s okay, no need to srry. ur doing the favor for people. I just thought it would be weird,

And yeah I did but it only showed 60.


Here is the VESC tool with 3.26 FW for the VESC 4.12 HW.

Here is VESC Tool original for the VESC6 only.


HW 4.12 and 3.28 firmware …I’ll try to update to 3.29 and see if there is a difference.


3.29 does bandaid the braking issue.


@trampa Do you have any hints on how to extract the FW .bin files out from VESC-Tool ? I’d like to try 3.26 on my customs VESCs (currently 3.28 loaded) and need to recompile with proper GPIOs assigned first.

BTW as said before, 3.28/3.29 upload well and BLDC detection works but I get R=0 in FOC wizard. That’s also why I’d like to give a try to 3.26 !

@BigBoyToys Thank you for uploading, that’s big help !

Edit : @SilentException thanks for the link but I checked and it seems Vedder’s Git it is from 3.28 onwards :confused:


I can extract them from you but point me to the VESC tool EXE file and tell me what hardware and FW you’d like (4.12, VESC_default.BIN or any other).


Great thank you ! Can you try extract FW 4.8 from @BigBoyToys link ? I can work my way from there ! VESC-default.bin is perfect (I’ll change values manually if needed)


Here she is: