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We will have a look the next days. The issue needs to be replicated first to see where the problem is exactly.



I can get you 3.26 later, but what do you mean by high resistance? Mine is 18 ohm, is that high? FOC/ppm works for me at 230kv


Just tested with 3.26 and the problems do not exist. So the issue is somewhere in the changes from 3.26 to 3.27. But the sources for 3.26 are not available.


What sources are available now?

It seems to be 3.28!

It could be interesting to keep old sources available for comparison purposes.


so it happens on 3.27+ for you?


@trampa Update for you : 85kv FW 3.28 tested in VESC-Tool :

BLDC detection works (with jittering at low speed very light weight - has spun fine at bit higher speed during detection)

FOC detection fails with R=0 after VESC-Tool feeds current through the motor for few seconds.

So even with low kv motor there is an issue. I use 8S / 33.6V.


Tested FW 3.29 on FOCBOX, 70kv hubmotor on 10s. R = O bug as well…


I have r=0 error on 70kv, 110kv, 130kv and 149kv hub motors with 3.27, 3.28 and 3.29 fw. All motors passed detection just fine on 3.26 which is what I went back to using.


Does anybody have the source files for 3.26


Are source files different than what we download from the I have the vesc tool with 3.26FW if that helps.


Vesc-project is down, again again again…


I wonder if source extraction from compiled VESC-tool 3.26 is possible?

Current sources available on Vedder’s github are from 3.28 onwards.

I had to compile my own FW (my GPIOs are assigned differently from standard on my VESCs) to get it working.

Anyway if you could send it / host it that would help big yes. I can forward your 3.26 VESC-TOOL to the French forum too.



Pm your email address. Ill send it when I get home this evening.


@BigBoyToys Could you upload your versions on Dropbox for us and paste links here ? I’m sure few of us would be grateful! Thanks !


This is 3.26FW for the 4.12 VESCS.


Damn !! I’ve updated my VESC firmware to 3.28 and it is god damn scary !! I just did 5 miles on it and:

  • 3 times during my whole ride there was no braking at all !!! or the braking was very minimal !! no shit guys …I never ever had that before.
  • a few times the braking felt laggy as shit…after I press the trigger to brake the braking started to initiate with a little lag
  • one time the lag was sudden and almost threw me off the board.

Damn .this is scary … tomorrow I’ll look at my settings and post them here.


Try 3.29, it’s has been around for a while and has something to do with breaks.


Tested with DIY’s Vesc, works fine on BLDC(sensored and not) also works easily with FOC. Really appreciate you guys releasing this, has a lot of information to help out us newer guys with configuring settings.


I’m putting together a detailed step by step VESC-Tool setup slide show. Online in a couple of days.



I recently bought a Trampa Urban Carver. It came with a VESC SIX (VESC 6) and a Maytech Remote control and receiver ( ).

I have built the board and connected everything, but when I move the switch on the controller the motor moves with a squeel/skweek, for 1/20 of a rotation, then stops and the squealing sound becomes very high.

To get the VESC to function with the remote at all I had to install the VESC Tool for the VESC 6 (

  1. I had to update the firmware first.
  2. Then, I had to switch the controller type from UART to PPM: Under App Settings > General > App to Use > “PPM” > write to esc

Under App Settings > PPM, I have changed the Control type to the 3 different primary categories available, then rewriten to the ESC, and the motor does the same thing each time, for each selection (Current, duty cycle, PID).

Here are screenshots of the software choices:

Literally, the motor turns a bit, and then makes a high pitch squaling/sqeeking sound.
Any ideas?