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you are limited by the batt max which is 80A (aligned with my fuse) as it’s dual. So I align the batt max (40A) per VESC with the motor max per VESC to get everything on the same page. Batt min is regen. 12S4P is 4x6A so 24A : -12 on each VESC.


Motors can draw more current than the battery max at lower than full duty cycle


I have setup an Heavy Duty Eagle tree inline so I’m able to log many things on the ride. Any advice on the settings or tweak so I can report back? I was looking to get a full alignement on batt / motor but any tweak is welcome. I’m using FOC. I’m actually testing the 107mm but can’t wait to put the upcoming Trampa wheels on this!


you’ll be safe with 70A, try that out and see how you like it! It’ll essentially expand your throttle by 75%


on the 12S dual setup FOC it will be (on each VESC)
Motor max: 70A
Motor min: - 40A
Battery max: 40A
Battery min: -12A



yep, motor min is the inverse opposite and applies braking strength. My rule of thumb is to have motor min 10 less than motor, for inversely equivalent braking/acceleration. So in this case -60 motor min would be what I use, but I wouldn’t change it unless you feel like you need stronger brakes.


Perfect. Thanks for the tips. I’m gonna adjust that right now and report back. I had in mind that on dual VESC setups everything had to be divided by two but it seems this only applies to batt max/min


Yea, since the motors are independent (vs battery being 1 thing) you can leave those separate.


So you are saying that motor max, should be higher than batt. max ??
I run dual setup
And for now, i have set motor max and batt. max on each focbox to 35amp. Do you think that i should increase Motor max ?? Would that give me more torque in the low end ?



yep, try it out 60, is a good number to start at


But i dont understand, if batt. max , is set to 35amp, why motor max 60 amp would give me more torque ?


Because wattage == power. Your battery is applying a constant voltage to your vesc, but the motors voltage depends on duty cycle. Low duty needs high amps for power.


Ahhh i se
So i Still dont pull more than my batt. Max (35 Amp) but more power (Amp/watt) is applied at a lower duty cycle ? Because ohms law says, that lower voltage pulls more Amp, than higher voltage ?
Then why 60amp and not 100amps ?

At let’s say 10% duty cycle, do you know what the voltage is, on 10s ?
Then it could be pretty easy to calculate the motor max…

So if i’m driving Up a steep Hill, and giving full throttle, then if my motor max is to low, i would never reach full 95% duty cycle where the motors is giving bat. Max ?


Too high and you may burn out your motors. You can set it pretty high though. Hummie and some others run 120a motor max. 10% duty on 10s is 3.6v nominal


Thanks… it make sense now :slight_smile:

Then going from motor max 35amp to 60 amp… should increase my torque / acceleration quite a bit


Just did the full circle travel around Paris with a lot of extra kms. Run like a charm. VESC 6 Awesomeness.

and a short video as you already knew !


I built an Excel sheet for helping beginners setting their VESC, I should make it public here, maybe it could help.
It simply takes the same rule of thumb as @Jinra : motor max -10A in a limit of -70/70A (I trigerred some over_current @80A). :wink:


I saw that there was a discussion about the brakes here a few days ago. I am on FW3.29 now. Can someone of you explain me the strange behavior you can see in the graph starting at 18:21:50?
I dont get why there is a motor current while the current back in the battery is zero.


@hexakopter I can say for sure, but in my understanding when you achieve full brake, the VESC is shorting all the phases together, so the energy is dissipated in the windings and not sent to the battery

This only occurs when ERPM is bellow the “max rpm to full brake” and if even at 95% duty cycle the break current measured is lower than the requested brake current

Basically the VESC says, the rider want more brakes but I’m already at my max duty cycle, the current limits have no been triggered, the only thing I can do to increase the braking power is to short the motor


Thanks… I would like to se that Excel ark :slight_smile: