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Is it just me or does this conversation seem like talking to a wall?


Benjamin and I thought of short episodes, explaining one feature of Vesc tool after another.
This way a new user can simply follow the vids step by step. We will collect the questions, which helps to make short videos.



First step, would be to introduce Benjamin to this forum :wink: Maybe even make him a profile :stuck_out_tongue:


Great !
Anyway, I saw that @Ackmaniac posted a pull request on Github as you suggested. :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to have @ackmaniac firmware on my FocBox, instead of defending a point of view he always comes up with a solution in matter of hours, if he partners with Benjamin the only winner would be the community



Hardly a point of view as much as it was a stubborn decision with no justifiable backing.


Very good idea!!!



Hi guys. I tried setting up my controller with the wizard but when I applied settings the motor started spazzing. I messed with the trim but then I got it to go in one direction but not change based on the trigger position. So it’s not stopping or starting with the trigger and I couldn’t get it to stop until I turned off the board


re do ppm setting. this solved me that bug before


That worked. Thanks


A new version of firmware is available : FW3.29.
The control has been switched back to pure current control (like 2.18) to fix brake issue.
So those who had the brake issue, you may want to give a try to this new firmware :wink:


Is this change only for the breaking part or for the acceleration as well? :slight_smile:


I think just breaking has changed. But I am not sure.
Btw. Looks like is down again.


It’s not like 2.54 (watt control for acceleration, current for brake, AFAIK), more like 2.18 (current control accel and brake)

EDIT : you can find firmwares in the vedder’s github repo.


Thanks for the info. Have used the regen brake on my bike just ones so I dont know the different feelings.
Great to see the sources now on github. Have compiled the new VESC tool now. :slight_smile:


VESC Project website works now!



Glad Ben addressed this, unlike some others that would like to deny the problem exists…


I got the R=0 error on 1 of 4 TB vesc’s last night as well with FW3.28.

My FOC box’s also have the R=0 error on FW3.28 but detect just fine on FW3.26.


Did he ? Because the Watt control for throttle / acceleration is gone too. Looks like a step backward to me :frowning:

Best thing would have been to keep acceleration as it was in last FW and just put old braking back.