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VESC FAQ | Connect two VESC via CANBUS for dual motors



@briman05 do have any idea about my problem please ?.


Will it not connect to the computer? I’m not understanding what the issue is. It could be that the firmware on your version of bldc tool is not compatible with your vesc


Maybe my vesc is from mayteck and she said I should use vesc tool but I can’t connect my vesc with the can bus cable it don’t work so I am using a Y connector


So maybe you blew out your can port if it was connected wrong. Download the bldc tool from Vedders website


When I connect them there is light in both but only one turn,I used the can bus cable from the supplier.how could I connect them wrong ?.


When you are configuring then in the bldc tool you do each one separate with a id of 0 for the master and 1 for the slave and then you disconnect plug them both in with can bus connected and then power them on both at the same time.


Could you please show what you mean by adding a heat sink between them ? you mean on the Vesc Mosfet ?


it is not possible for my two engines to spin even if I put that configuration


Hi, I was thinking on adding a second vesc to my board since I have two motors (motors are the same model), but the vesc I bought back then is not for sale anymore. Do you know if using different vesc’s would be possible (as long as they are both vesc’s and they both suppor CANBUS connexion)?


it’s always better to have same vesc but it is possible. Keep the same hardware.


I am thinking to do the same as @ramon , i bought a focbox and now i want to go dual with a second vesc from maytech/flipsky, would that work if they have the same firmware? Since the hw on focbox is 4.12 anyway right? or did i get that wrong?


As far as I know it’s possible. Of course better to have the same one for full compatibility. Make sure you have same firmware on both and should be fine. I do not know if in this case it’s better to use split signal instead of can bus connection. I think can bus should work just fine. Of course you need to limit the spec based on the weaker vesc.


ty for the answer. good thing is there are not a lot of hills where i live, i am quite light so the shared load will never rly be a problem even for the weaker vesc.


No but it’s important that you set the current limit based on that. So for instance all the maytech, TB vesc work fine with a battery max at 30A (at most) while FOCBOX can handle more. You will have plenty of power with dual vesc at 30A, do not worry about it


Did ever get this fixed? I’m having exactly the same problem. Thanks!


Hi Lowguido
I’m facing a smilar problem just like yours with motor connected via slave vesc, pressing on cruse control and it spins up rabedly and some times just slwoly constant speed.
my setp up (fist time build) is dual vesce 4.12 with two 190kv’s with 10s3p
how (did you fidn it / or whre distinguishit it) was a faulty canbus cabele? buy testing using vesc tool or other mithode?


I just replaced the cable.