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VESC FAQ | Connect two VESC via CANBUS for dual motors



Sorry, How about this one…


yea that’ll work too


Cool thanks!


Have the dual raptor and had the slave VESC go down on me. Replaced bad enertion VESC with new Ollin VESC. The older master VESC is firmware 2.8, new Ollin VESC is 2.17…do I need to update firmware on older VESC before I can connect via canbus?


It makes sense to have them both on the same firmware version given the fact one will be controlling the other.


It actually seems to be working ok, but I think I’ll update the old VESC just to make sure.


Once they’re connected via canbus how do I make changes in bldc tool?


Here is a detailed howto:


You can configure a CAN adres uniquely for each ESC in the “app” tab. For the master ESC (the one that receives the signal from the remote) I set the adres to 0, for the slave ESC I set the adres to 1.

Once the above settings are applied you can acces both esc’s trough the single USB port on for example the master ESC (the one with adres 0):

To connect to the master ESC, uncheck “CAN Fwd” (default mode) and click connect -> you are now configuring the master ESC.

If you want to connect to the other ecs over the CAN simply set the box left to the “CAN Fwd” checkbox to 1 and then check the “CAN Fwd” box. BLDC tool should now give the green connected notification.

You can now switch between both esc’s by checking and un-checking the “CAN Fwd” box. Be not to write the same app config to both esc’s, then you’ll have to reconfigure the CAN addres again to make them different again.


@JTAG thanks for the explanation I went back to a y cable due to frustration and found out I was having trouble due to over voltage on my slave vesc so I increased my max voltage to 57v for 12s. I will go back to can bus now that I see it’s easy to make changes in bldc tool.


Do I need to do motor detection on slave vesc?


yes on both vescs !


Hay gays I just got a vesc (from enertion)and i set it up with 10s lipo 5000mah sk3 245kv motor and it work for a little bit but know when I pull the throttle the vesc flashes red three (3) times in two (2) groups so like — ---. dose any one know what this error code is and know how to fix it.


Hey man. You’re going to have to plug your VESC into the computer and check using the BLDC tool.


thank you for your response.

check what?


Go into the terminal tab and type “faults”, and then enter.


I plugged as on pictured.
I have a problem with the settings.
I was looking at forum but no concrete and my english language is poor
Can I please about photos correct settings for: VESC 1 (PPM), VESC 2

#100 very good


How does one tackle hot glue? My gut says heat but better safe than sorry lol I ask as I’m about to swap out the receiver from a new Raptor and it’s also got this black glue securing things in place…


I dont know whats wrong
I made a film