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VESC build from Github


Hello Guys,
Firstly I want to introduce my self a little bit.
I am German, maybe you already noticed that :smiley:

Now to the Project,
I want to build some VESCs with the information on Github! (Only want to build one, but i think it will be better to do more and maybe sell Oder sth)
But…I don’t have any experience with it.
That’s the bad point.

And another, but…
I have a lot of experience in electronics
I learned it, I also make a second traineeship about it.
I have a LOT of equipment to work with!
-SMD Placing machine (Paraquda)
-SMD soldering paste printer
-SMD Solder Oven
-Soldering irons normal and SMD
-And a lot of components
-STM Programming Debuggers
-STM controllers 8/32…etc.

I also have good contacts where I can cheap circuits boards.

But I never orderd them with files like on Github (Gerber)…

So in that point I need help…
What would the first thing I should do?
Send the gerbers to my supplier?
And which one? There are so many files…

Would be really happy if somebody could help me…
Best regards!


Just send a zipfile with all the gerbers you find to the fab, there is even a zip already in the repo if I am correct. The PCB fab will tell wether it is ok or not. And don’t cheap out on PCB’s, it is the core and body of the whole VESC.


For the components:

Download this: https://github.com/vedderb/bldc-hardware/blob/master/design/BLDC4.12_BOM.ods

Use an online converter to convert it to xlsx such as this one: http://www.zamzar.com/convert/ods-to-xlsx/

Upload it into Mouser and walk through the setup. It will then give you a list of components. http://www.mouser.com/bomtool/

For the pcb:
Or just download the gerber files and upload the files that they ask (such as mask, silkscreen etc)

Hope this helps


Thanks :slight_smile: sry I said that not right…
I mean i get them in very very good quality but cheap because I do all my orders (about 6000pcs/yr) there.

Ok thanks! So I will first send them the zip and will wait what they say.

(You mean the last zip file is including all they need?)


i wanted to recommend you Danny :)) but you are to fast :slight_smile:


Haha :slight_smile:,
And @lox897 all information, will help me.
Because I never done sth like that before.


Haha thanks :p.

Yeah the bottom zip it is.

You order that many pcbs but never from gerber file? What other files do you send then? Eagle files?