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Vedder's VESC 6.0


Thank you. I think I will wait for someone to share the PCB.
Designing such a PCB is beyond my ability. I can solder it, but not design it :slight_smile:


How long does it take to solder all the components to a PCB? Just curious.


(a) You are doing god’s work – much appreciated. Very curious to see how it compares against a Vesc6

(b) Don’t listen to the vultures – gimme the design, gimme the pcb, gimme, gimme, gimmie …lol. I would just test the heck out of it and post your results first. If it’s viable you should sell it for a good price that includes your hard work :wink:

© Do you intend to design a housing?


Nice to see that opensource spirit is compared to vulture.
I am able to help on some opensource projet and not on others. Does that make a vulture of me ?
I do not sell anything, I build for my own …


Hey I wasn’t being specific – just look thru the thread, there are a lot of people asking. Also, I think BV will release the hardware reference PCB (soon maybe?) then anyone can take the BOM / Gerber files and then get then their own Vesc quoted out?

I didn’t try to make this so political so quickly, also you don’t know where @stewii stands on the opensource spirit of things which we cant automatically assume is everyone’s belief system… maybe he wants to sell it and not do that?

He says so much here…


No matter what, @stewii is currently making quite the nice work. Just let the man focus on development. What comes next comes next !


Alright guys. I never really clarify things but here it goes. I love electronics and designing PCBs. I started a fez months ago on a "replica"of VESC6 based on those schematics I shared on that link. There is only one difference which is I used an updated Motion tracking chip (MPU9250 ) instead of MPU9150, but that chip isn’t populated in the original VESC 6 to my knowledge.
I won’t share the Gerber files. But whoever is interested in the bare PCB I’m happy to ship it for the roughly same price that cost me and will share BOM and stencil file. If someone would be interested in a populated PCB then I might do it, but it might take a while depending on the number of pcbs pand on the free time I have, because even with a stencil and reflow oven it takes TIME and lots of patience. All that assuming my design works well and performs as expected. So far I haven’t test it. The missing components will arrive on the first week of October.


Lol… dude you would get possibly hundreds of orders. Open one of those survey polls i.e. (“Who would be interested in a fully working VESC6 alternative?”) see what response you get. My belief is that it would be high… and you would need to do a production run to satisfy everyone’s appetite. Even many people who already have VESC6 would want your product to test on a second/third/x build.

EDIT: I would be interested in (2) populated units… let me know the results from your prototype testing so I can let you take my money :wink:


Not saying @stewii is doing anything wrong - I don’t have the knowledge to do so but isn’t NOT releasing the files against the VESC license?


Not going to lie. but I would be up for purchasing 10+ as I have loads of projects that use multiple smaller motors for power hungry tasks.


Couple of hours if all the components are leaded. leadless components are a bit trickier.

This is assuming you’ve got some strong soldering skills in your background.


Is this still valid for the Dimension including the heatsink ?


I’m also curious of the exact dimensions while I wait for mine to come in. I’d like to design a milled aluminum watertight enclosure.


@notger @Skifree I measured exact dimensions: 70.87 x 74.90 x 18.15mm
But you have to add some space to 74.90mm due to the cables. I have no idea how people manage to squeeze 2 VESC 6 in UK Ultrabox 206 (8.89 cm width) without damaging the wires. The power cables are 10AWG and as you can see on the picture there is a kind of “bending protection”.


It works! There was a few little things that I needed to tweak (I already corrected them in the design for the next batch). I haven’t ride my skateboard yet cause I still don’t have proper heatsink / housing. Here is a quick video running on a 10S battery. Here


Does someone have a download link for the New vesc tool ?
The website seems to be down (


That’s really cool! Congrats :wink: You are the first guy with a working VESC6 alternative based on Benjamin’s design. What are you going to call it? May I suggest V6ESC? Also, once you get the housing figured out… please consider going into production with it. There are many online services that can make 50-100 boards for you and alot of people on this forum including myself who would throw up money to help you place that order.


My money is ready.

Kickstarter in a month? Ship in 2 years?


Hmm, lets get creative now F**box, why not SIXESC, ESCSEX, or SEXBOX :wink:


I’m in for 2! Congrats buddy!!