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Vedder's VESC 6.0


It is not yet completed, ordered the wrong package for the AD8418, but almost there. Does anyone know how to upload the firmware on this?


Sweet !!
Looks nice !


I guess you need a STLink.
Just follow the “How to” on (or on this forum).


Firmware uploaded, was easier than I thought. Used an STlink from ebay (connected the 4 pins VCC included and did not destroy the LM3671 DC-DC converter). Plugged in the usb cable and vesc tool recognised it straight away. Sweet.


Looks quality with the directFETs, I’m looking forward to how your VESCs perform :slight_smile:


Thanks. I’m looking forward too. I will post it here, but only in early October after getting back from holiday :slight_smile:


Curious, what was the total cost of making this?


The components are about £50, it can be cheaper if you don’t populated some parts like the wireless transceiver or if you order free samples from STMicroelectronics and TI. Plus the PCB. You also need a heatsink for the FETs. It is worth it considering the original price tag :slight_smile:


Exactly why I asked. Still, gotta count R&D and the TM :slight_smile:
In your case, the time spent designing the PCB layout is also valuable.


Wow. at this rate your gonna be getting many many customers. My Vesc 6 just blew ( bad cap ) so its definitely a tempting offer if its going to be around the £100 mark!


$150 And I’d still buy 2.


@stewii, I don’t get where you got the schematics ?
I am looking carefully for them, but didn’t notice that it was already released.

So if you have it, I have a (noob) electronic question for you :
One of my VESC 6 is connected via UART to an Arduino, they share GND. But I need to reference the PWM signal of a led driver to the Arduino GND. For that I have to connect battery (-) (which is Vin of led driver) to Arduino GND.
So finally I’ve gote : VESC GND <-> Arduino GND <-> Battery (-).

Is it something “dangerous” to have a loop like this ?
On HW4.12, VESC GND is connected to battery (-) if I’m right so should be ok, right ?

Thanks for your help (asked that on Vedder forum but no answer :confused: )


Vesc 6.4 not connecting to pc through usb any help guys please
dont know what to do !!!


problem fixed bad usb ha ha so simple , i did try 2 first that did not work 3rd time lucky i guess. I bet a few people have encountered this .



In DC applications minus is considered “GND” or ground, meaning the potential 0.

However, if your application uses minus voltages( f.e -12V) it is no longer the potential 0 anymore and not GND ( in other words an independant voltage rail).

To answer your question, no. No danger with the “loop”.



Thank you to confirm that !
Yes, I know about DC conventionbut as the VESC 6 was a black box (was, becayse I found schematics, thanks to @ThierryGTLTS), so I wanted to confirm there weren’t no “floating” ground or something.
For instance, Vedder strongly recommends to not use PPM Y adapter because it may fry 3.3V DC/DC converter because current may flow through GND between both VESC.
I don’t want that happening on mines. :wink:


Can you share the schematics ? Or are they still kinda secret ?


Sorry to hear that. Should be an easy fix thou if no other component is damaged. For £100 or 150 USD I might do it. But need to see if my design runs well first.


Sounds good. But I need to test my pcb first :slight_smile:


I downloaded from here

Scroll down and you will see a PDF. Regards the rest no problem at all. Battery - is ground on vesc 6 too.