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Vedder's VESC 6.0


No, it can go well over 60k ERPM. Been pushed up to 120k ERPM with no issues.

No idea where the limit is.


Not sure it that was for me, but yes got a stainless steel stencil and pcb both from pcbway.


Sk3 192kv is rated for 2.5kw


You sure. the website says just over 4Kw ( link to website )

If I am right with my Physics. Wattage is measured from Voltage * Amp so thats 50 * 80 = 4000W or 44 * 80 = 3520W


Well I have pulled about 32-40A constant… the motor did get quite hot (that it is hard to touch the windings with finger)… so I assume 60-70A might be possible… though someone should check this with infra red camera or thermo-meter


Yep, you’re right, i assumed it was 6364 and not 6374


150k erpm 10 chars


Safe to say then the vesc can handle the new king of sk3’s then :smiley:


No, 150k erpm tested.


@trampa So I just confirmed that the 3.28fw gives me the R=0 error during foc detection using the FOC box. I can also confirm that this error does not occur using the 3.26FW with the FOC box. I thought that might be helpful for Ben to know. Thanks.


So, I think my vesc just died.

Ive written a post on the forum ( as it pretty long so I wont post it here.

In short, slow riding on a good day from uni. board stops responding but doesnt lock up. vesc is fine but cant control the motor. here are some pictures vesc securely stored in a water&shockproof container)

No idea what to do so any help would be appreciated.


Awesome man! I’m also designing my own board, can you share your altium files?
Can’t wait to see your design!


The bluish corrosion on the directfets seems water corrosion to me.



If its waterproof how come it looks like there is a ton of debris that got in there?


The VESC6 is nowhere near waterproof, its just enclosed by a piece of aluminium and a PCB as coverplate. There are still enormous openings for connectors and the wiring.


@fedestanco @JTAG The weird thing is the vesc is housed inside a custom made mount ( which is water proof ) and a custom made protective cover which is water resistant. I can absolutly say without a doubt, no water got anywhere close to the vesc :confused:

Does anyone know what the Caps are made out of. I know some of them are liquid based, could it be one might be leaking?


I don’t claim that it was liquid for outside (I just wanted to state that the VESC6 by itself is not waterproof :sweat:), in your case it indeed looks like liquid electrolyte leaked from the capacitor damaging the FET, it seamed to leaked directly into the case of the direct-FET. The capacitor could be a faulty one or the ripple current exceeds the limits of the capacitor.

I think that Ben might be interested in analysing what happend with your unit, at least I am curious. Good luck solving the issue.


Cheers. Lets just hope Ben can find out what happend to inform others about a possible faliure


With help from @hexakopter. It appears the capacitor is a “Wet” type cap and that is what probably caused to corrosion. Ill contact @trampa to check on what the next steps are going to be.