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Vedder's VESC 6.0


There definitely will be ( even though its not directly esk8 based )

and it all starts by me finally finishing building a £1.2k printer to make the large-ass gearbox for the motors ( pls save my wallet )


a quick update. The VESC 6 are still performing perfectly in whatever conditions. I got an eagle tree heavy duty and they barely go above 30°C in most of the cases. I’m running dual FOC 12S.



Just a quick update, I am waiting for my PCBs to arrive of my own version of the VESC6 , it is very similar to the original. Got all the components and reflow oven is waiting :slight_smile: fingers crossed that all is going to work.


Looks like you might not be the only one waiting for their PCBs. These guys have even got their boxes ready!


Oh no :confounded:
Please Maytech, don’t sell more crap!


And they’ll have to fold it to fit in the box…


I don’t understand, I didn’t see Vedder release the PCB yet on vesc project, so how did you already order the PCB?


He released the schematics only, not the PCB. I have designed the PCB myself with Altium software. It took quite a while to do it in my spare time, but it is a hobby for me.


Cool stuff man :wink: I can’t wait to see what happens when you fire yours up. Please do share… really exciting times.


Would you consider releasing some readymade to the hungry hoardes here?


Definitely, after populating the PCB and run some tests.


Can’t wait !
I also have a reflow oven heating :slight_smile:


Did you buy a solder mask too? If so from where? Your PCBs are from OSHPark?


I get mine from oshstencils, they do stainless now.


Quick question. How many Watts can the Vesc 6 push before overheating. I was looking into possible upgrades for my board to fully utilise the Vesc and I found something interesting with the motors.

I have a SK3 168kv which can push 2.4Kw but the sk3 192kv can push ~4Kw. Its seems that the 192Kv motor is the most powerful sk3 you can purchase for raw Watt output.

What do you guys think. Might be worth the change in motor to get more performance even with the higher Kv


I don’t know if anyone has found the absolute limit in terms of burst current with adequate cooling, but the vesc6 can do at least ~80 amps continuous with minimal cooling other than free air. I’d take Hobbyking’s ratings with a grain of salt too, since the rating of a motor is basically its ability to withstand and reject heat - more cooling means more power rating. More copper means more burst rating. I doubt they’ve added much more copper or managed to add a cooling fan, so I’d be skeptical of a 60% power rating increase.

With large enough battery, vesc6 plus a 6374, I think the vesc will win if given enough cooling.

Of course unless you’re going up a 50% grade at 50km/h for a few km continuously, I think you’ll be safe.


Vesc will win, that’s sure. Different KV motors are perfectly the same when the copper fill is identical.
Both motors should perform nearly identical.
But: Lower KV is better for your esc and battery, since the amp flow is lower at the same torque produced. We want a low amp flow!



does the VESC6 actually also have this ERPM Problem (worst case blown DRV) known from VESC4 with Motors above 190KV ?


Jenso, NoWind has put 135A + through his Vesc6… for you know science… search him out dudes, burnouts and hotdog runs… Frank might need some convincing for a warranty but it has been done, by a few people now :wink: