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Vedder's VESC 6.0


Just wondering if you and Ben are OK? Still no Release and it is end of August


He bangs on it and we are not far away!



What are you talking about ? Are those FOCBOX made in China bad all of a sudden ? I havn’t seen anyone here complaining about the quality. I am just curious cause it used to be good.


@NAF I actually use heavily but it back itself off before I kill drv. which is very good feature. and even over 60k erpm limit, tho I didn’t test extensively, I don’t have any problem so far.


Does anyone know what the power output from the comm port is? I’m hoping to run a 5V led strip off of it, which may need around 2 amps.


IIRC the 5v output is limited to 1.5 amps, and some of that is required to run the board itself, so I wouldn’t go over 1 amp.


:pensive: Oh well. It might be a good idea to have a 3s lipo to run 12v headlights and other accessories anyway. I could still run the led strips by using one of those car usb chargers to drop the voltage down.


I used a constant-current LED driver to run the headlight on my board, and it works very well, you might want to look into that.


Hey guys just letting you know that is open to the public now


This is why I started a thread about it.



Kudos to both Ben and @trampa for bringing this to the rest of the VESC users here.

Seriously - you have to try the new VESC Tool - it is AWESOME! I’ve programmed more VESC 4.xx than my two VESC 6.
It is so much simpler and easy to configure!!!

Don’t know what improvements in the FW vs older BLDC tool, but simplicity and ease of configuring is a huge huge improvement!!

Thanks guys!!!


So, Im starting a new project that uses 8 motors (all need to do the same task).

Does anyone know how many VESCs can be daisy chaned together as I cant seem to find any threads on how many can be used in unison or what problems can arise from using multiple together?


If the limit is the CAN ID number, it should be 256 devices (8bit coded), so you have some margin.


I believe if any fail in the chain - the ones past that controller will also lose signal/control. So you might want some form of redundant signal. I know Ben suggested against split servo control and only canbus for dual VESC 6, but i’ve run dual VESC 4.xx this way without issue, so besides cost savings 8 4.xx might be better (redundant) vs 8 VESC Six.

If you want to go all Six’s - i’d post up on his forum and see if he has any suggestions.



Thats some good advice there. The plan is to make a small plannetary engine using 8 planet gears, therefore 8 motors to run a beefed up gocart. Do you know of any resons a split servo shouldnt be used as wouldnt the input signal be the exact same for each vesc that way?

paging @trampa What are your thoughts on this as I see you posted in another thread about never using the Y splitters

Edit: Would it be possible to have multiple receivers connected to a single remote, so each motor/vesc combo can have a dedicated receiver… that way if one of the motors fail, it wont shut down the rest of the chain??


Using Y PPM slpitter on VESC 6 result in fried components.
There are more sensitive on VESC6 than VESC4, so if you never experienced trouble doing it with HW4.xx, ask @Nowind about HW6 :wink:

See the thread where we’re talking about it.


Multiple receivers can be connected to a single remote.
For the small cost of the extra receivers I would think in this application that that would give you the best backup?
There was a lot of discussion of the pros and cons on this thread.


Yes, Im using 4 receivers and 1 remote with the HKGT2B


Thats perfect news then.

Thanks for the help @BigBoyToys @bigben @Pimousse. next step is putting the DIY engine together :stuck_out_tongue:


Will there be a build thread here or somewhere? That will be great popcorn material! :heart_eyes: