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Vedder's VESC 6.0


Just figured I’d quote this since someone is getting flag happy when they dont like something they see…shame


Any chance you need guys help testing the bootload-upload function over USB? I’ve got at couple 4.12’s without bootloader and I would love to give your software a try as I haven’t got a SWD tool. :frowning: Thx


Just thought id tell you why I flagged this. I found it not directly relating to the topic and of bad taste. It didnt provide any extra information towards the topic other than to be a cheap dig towards frank and the current dealings. The vesc 6 is of a superb quality and will get the development needed by frank and vedder before being released as open source.

development takes time. and I am willing to stand by frank and vedder while they continue to develop this amazing product.


Well with ten likes apparently he is not the only one that feels this way. I can understand your siding with Frank and Trampa as you have been here for only a few months and have no clue of the past in vesc development. By all means, support who you choose but do not chastise the guys that have been here the whole time and know what has been done.


Have you been here long enough to know when certain people had a bad rep with some users here about either CS, QA, or ETAs and anyone that complained had their topics locked, renamed, or even were threatened to be banned if they continued. Why should the bad mouthing towards Trampa be treated any different?


Release is very soon! Benjamin bangs on it right now. First software then hardware, since both needs some attention and manpower is limited. Yes, release is very close.

BTW: most people don’t get the point that the motivation behind the project, and most OS stuff is not to serve random hardware manufacturers with free and instant available designs to be copied over and over. The motivation is to share the code and ideas about hardware designs, so the knowledge is not in a locked off box.
Free code helps software developers to learn from other developers. It’s about sharing the knowledge among each other, so the same thing doesn’t need to be re-invented over and over. This will help to focus on interesting and new developments instead of digging around with problems that have been solved already be someone else.
It helps to connect and debate solutions that can be used in all sorts of applications.
If someone has a good idea, code can be written, debated and might be integrated to make the software even better in future. 99% of the work is in the software.



only ideas about HW ?
No reference design PCB+schematics ?


Akira, there will be a working reference design. The last paragraph is about the motivation in general. People share ideas and not every idea ends in a product, but still serves others as an inspiration. There are already some guys who made their own Version 6 design, for hobby purpose. Most look completely different to the design we came up with.



Is this still the case or is this based on the old beta hardware? I haven’t been able to find any more recent info on 13s/14s+VESCs, but looking at the current manual online, it says the VESC6 is rated up to 60v… If that’s accurate, 14s charged and fully topped off is still less than that, so I’m hoping it’s doable on the latest H/W? (My ebike has an ESC with a 60v limit and that thing handles 14s all day long.)

Being able to squeeze out those extra watts w/o increasing the current is certainly nice… and even just going from 13s to 14s is very noticeable (…at least on an ebike…) Thanks.


Nah the New DRV is rated as the same voltage as the old, so is the new vesc, pushing it to more than 12S is asking for trouble.


Ahhh, that is a bit of a bummer… but thanks for the info. I brought up the question once before, but the answers I got felt more like guesses :).

It sounds like the manual needs an update, though, if 60v is going to fry things.


I’ll throw another question at ya while I’ve got your attention…since you seem to know more things :sweat:

Is there any technical reason (beyond that it just isn’t currently supported now/yet) why two VESCs couldn’t provide double the current when used in parallel and synchronized via CANbus (with each motor having a master and a slave VESC, the slave only contributing available current (…and data back to the master))? …since canbus supports full duplex and has plenty of bandwidth, AFAIK.

It seemed like a potentially cheaper way to scale current while the product is matured (IE: 100a FOC for ~$200ish +/-, if doable)… but I don’t know enough to know why it wouldn’t be possible. I’ve tried asking it a few times, but haven’t got any good bites.


Does anyone have the dimensions of the VESC6?


Sorry you did loose my attention :sweat_smile:

Just to be sure are you asking if you can use two vesc to control one motor ?.. If it is just a current issue, direct fet can drive a crazy amount of current if the heat is sink properly.


Hah, well at least I got it back.

…but yeah, that’s essentially what I’m asking… and it is a current issue…

…but hopefully there’d be an option w/o requiring the skillz to solder direct fets by hand or a reflow oven, designing a heatsink, etc… but even the VESCs w/ direct fets + improved heatsinks don’t double the continuous current rating, AFAIK (even though they may double (or more) in price).

Thoughts? Thanks.


You are a reader of Jensos Direct-Drive-Vesc-6-Thread so you probably read that he used the “unleashed-Firmware” that is availeable.
There you can set you Amps to whatever. Jenso tried it up to 130 Phase Amps and 100 Batt Amps if i remember right.
So i guess with really huge heatsink and good cooling you could potentially go to 200Amps ?
But High Amps produce High Temperature (generally speaking), so a better Solution to get more Watts is increasing the Voltage.

But whats the Purpose actually ? an Ebike ?
The Vesc (6) is for sure a great skateboard ESC but its save Limit is at 12 s (50Volt fully carged, and potentially 60Volt Spikes). It think for High-Power-Ebikes (5000Watts and more) there are other Controllers with the ability of taking ~100Volts (20s-25s). with the effect of needing less Amps then.
Ceck out Adaptto controller from Russia, they are amazing, i use two of the Minis with up to 4KW, an they include BMS, Carging-coil, Display,… Sure, not Open-Source, but really amazing customer-service and reaction on customers wishes in my experience. (They will actually release a new Version “soon”)


Really? havent heard of that ? Many Focboxes are failing right now ? I thouhgt they are said to be pretty steardy. But for sure produced in China with that Price.


Me? I didn’t catch that it was some special unleashed firmware, but I did see the values… does that kill the warranty, since the manual has a rating of 80a, IIRC? …and ideally overclocking wouldn’t be necessary :).

e-bikes is how transitioned over here… 3000w is plenty for me on that front… gears :).

…my application is potentially for a mountainboard build… still figuring out what my options are.


So, you were asking for 200Amps,…Stick to @Nowind 's experiences, i think he is one of the Guys here pushing it to the Limits, and he seems to be Quite happy with his Actual VESC6 Settings

So i guess you first have to try how 2X2000 Watts on a e-(MT)board feel like and then think about Pushing Limits further.

I’m pretty sure about that, otherwise i would be surprised that Trampa accepts “willful destruction”


120-150a for me (TBD)… but the question wasn’t necessarily for my specific build, I just wanted to know if something like that would be possible in general (and a potential future feature/option).

…but as far as my specific goals, I definitely look to nowind for inspiration/guidance, but I think he pushes the limits to the breaking point. I’d be hoping for something that can be pushed on 24/7 without breaking.