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Vedder's VESC 6.0


Annnnnnnd. It works as I am sure you know.

I really respect all the electronics knowledge around here. Motor phases are something my biology degree did not help me understand shockingly LOL.

I really just loaded a lot of defaults as I set these up. Wondering if there are any golden settings that make the board work at its peak?

I have not ridden yet, have to mount all of the components definitively to the board now. I suppose I should evaluate the ride-ability of it before I go adjusting anything. The new VESC tool is fairly easy to use, although much of what is adjustable I do not understand as you could imagine.

Much thanks! I am an expert in wakeboats and wakesurfing if you should ever need advice in that arena! HAHAHAHA


Most of the vesc settings depend on what type of battery and motor(s) you have.
If you post what type of setup you have, I’m sure someone will be able to help you out. There are also many threads about how to program the vesc, so you’ll find your answer if you do some digging :slight_smile:


is the serial interface the same in 6 as it was in 4? I’m using the VESCUART library currently.


When the vesc tool is eventually released the entire community will work on it and help create instructional videos and furthermore be able to offer one-on-one direct support here to noobs on this forum. No Doubt will Help debug it too.

It seems counterintuitive to limit access to this, we all know, from the beginning the vesc project greatly benefited from the masses working together as a collective… The masses made it what it is today.

This is starting to feel slow, boring and closed… Not open and innovative.

Don’t be a fool, release the tool.


Rather wait than deal with something that doesn’t perform to expectations. #UnderPromiseOverDeliver


I am waiting for a proper VESC6 as well, but at least for now it looks like something is “not finished”

I need to have vesc that will handle dual 6374 mountainboard setup powered by 12s battery and VESC6 seems like the best choice for that
…but on the other hand I can see opinions about problems with sealings, vesc tool, etc


For every person thats not happy about it’s current state there’s a person who wants it now regardless of any possible issues lol


Truth–I was getting weary of digging, honestly. Turned into a lazy bum. I have a 12S twin trampa 136Kv vesc 6 urban carver. Freshly built, and obviously first build.


I would be careful using that, I’d make sure to get an answer from BV before you can be certain you won’t brick your vesc. I know that upon first release an app that iirc used that library caused issues for a user as the UART codes have changed. This could all be a thing of he past now, but likely that the VESCUART needs updating to match the interface for VESC 6.


As @scepterr said.
However with that said, @chaka is confident that his improved VESC 4 (sorry can’t remember the new official name) will handle all that without issues.


Thanks for the feedback @racidon, I’ll post on the VESC Project forum and see what they say. Will report back here.

Is RollingGecko here?


Hehe what a commedy this whole namechange is… all should be named VESC 4 or whatever they where made from and a little note about who produced it. Now it’s just annoying and misleading for the customers. Also it’s starting to look like the vesc project is going from open source at the same time. Not cool!

I don’t need another fairy tail about TM frank, we disagree, heavily. To me this is trampa trying to make some extra $$$ out off benjamins work nothing else. No point trying to hide it ^^


it is still open source, benjamin is working together with trampa to sell it, trampa is selling the beta (not 100% sure on this one) once benjamin is ready with the software he will release it and its open source again

as for the naming, with the trademark only trampa is allowed to call it VESC all the others have to use another name but can still use the same pcb/software etc


Ben is still on holidays and so am I. You guys know that he had a bad accident and that caused delays.
Proper recovery is important!

The Software is ready, but the structure for project support needs a couple of days of attention. A lot of people want to contribute to the code and things need to be set up for that. Otherwise things get messy. It’s better to have one tidy place for everyone’s needs than scattered information and code. I think most people would agree on that.

After the software release we can focus on the hardware. Beta gave some good feedback that can be used to make a better reference HW design. Its 95% done.
Unfortunately a day has only 24 hours and a week 7 days. Not everything ca be done simultaneously.




RollingGecko has created a VESC6 branch on his GitHub. Haven’t had a chance to look at it yet but will report back.


@Tarzan Here you go:
"For now the VESCs will be shipped without a rubber seal for the cables and cover since the mold for it takes more time, but once it is ready we will ship it to you."
So I think at least all people from BETA batch 1 will get the sealing shipped for free as it was mentioned back in time.


Now it is mid August and still not open sourced… :frowning:


That’s what I’m was hoping for too! :sunglasses:


Don’t hold your breath :smiley: Maybe it will get a TM and the developers can buy access to the code for only $9999,99 from trampaboards :joy:


I’ll happily pay the extra $ for the added quality that has come from this new approach. I had 3 VESC 4s fail on me in a row for no apparent reason without any responsibility taken by the manufacturer. Don’t get me wrong there are some good VESC 4s out there, but this will mean that someone can’t just take a well known and respected name and stamp it on trash.