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Vedder's VESC 6.0


Soon. It’s in Benjamins hands. Frank


Sorry the “improved 4s” was in relation to VESC4 (plural). Meaning Chaka’s improved FET version and enertion’s FOCBOX? (formerly VESC-X) Sorry if I got names wrong, I honestly don’t remember the names.
Not all VESC4 would be able to regardless of firmware, I’m sure chaka’s would, I have one of his on my 10s board, but it was never “supported” so I never risked it, I’ve never had a problem with his
80A wouldn’t be constant, it’s just the limit set in the VESC itself. I live in a hilly area and I have no problem getting up or down any of them, even when my battery was running low I could still cruise up an extremely hill at about 40km/h


I’d say I use more than 45 in at least initial take off and hill climbs. I only say this because I had originally set the limit of the board to 40A max only as I was playing with a lot of settings and it still hadn’t been extensively tested by users. I noticed a massive difference between 40A and 80A max values. I do doubt though that it’s ever tried to pull 80A at any point. I might have to record some numbers for you all :slight_smile:


hey, I was wondering what JST connectors max amps are for the 5v?
Can I connect a micro usb to it and charge a phone? :sweat_smile:


I received VESC6.
Is this waterproof?
Silicone seal is not visible.
Trampa hompage -> “Precision made Silicon seal prevents the ingress of dirt & water”


Nice lights :sunny:


The moulds are finished soon. So we will offer the sealing and another silicone part soon.



comeon, thats not nice,…to advertise something thats actually not part of the product you buy.
Or did you inform your beta testers that the silicone seal is not included ?

are the VESC6 we could order right now from the trampa webshop still BETA ?


I agree with you, and for $500 usd too


the part was never advertised as being water proof. only water resistant, which is already is. But frank has been taking on advice from the beta backers to add a silicone front part to the wires not for water resistance, but so the wires dont get damaged by the sharp metal heatsink. more water resistance was only a by product of the upgrade.


We redesigned the housing slightly and will make two different parts.

a: a silicone insert for the housing (quite a complex 3D shaped thing)
b: a silicone sleeve, similar to a smartphone cover, considering the JST connections and cables

Both moulds are currently in the make.
If you combine the two parts, water has very little to no chance entering the housing.

The parts can also be used for the first beta VESC SIX.



If it’s a silicone seal. I would rather go to my local auto store and use the black stuff for sealing transmissions instead of buying a gasket.


sounds interesting, could you post some photos or renders of the silicone sleeve-thing.
I’m interested how it will effect the total height of the VESC6


A few mm only.



Not Ok!
If you like I can search the post or mail where you said “all beta testers will get the gasket when it’s finished!”


hehehehe £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££


Finally wrestled my USB ports into connecting to my VESC betas.

Now says my firmware is not up to date, and firmware updates seem to be unsuccessful.

What can I do now?

Sorry, I am not an electronics wizard, so please talk softly! LOL


@dakota4e if you use the link in the email that you should have got from frank about getting on to the VESC Beta forum there is a thread there explaining how to load the firmware onto your VESC


Finally got it figured out. Thank you so much.

I feel like a moron. I have them both working now, but they spin in opposing directions when connected via the CAN bus connector I made.

Furthermore, forward on my throttle (FSky) transmitter makes the master VESC go in reverse, while the slave goes forward. I have been messing with it (including reversing the throttle switch on on the transmitter, and checking all wiring) and I cannot get the master to behave correctly or get the slave to mimic the master.

What in the hell?

Again, not an expert. But holy cow.


All you have to do is swap 2 of the motor wires around for your master vesc.

So if you have “A B and C” connected to say Blue green and yellow (your motor wires may not have any descriptive markings, purely an example) then you just change A and B around so that they are connect to the other’s original connections.