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Vacuum Forming: No Oven


I really want to start vacuum forming enclosures to replace the tackle box on by board, but I don’t want to use my brand new oven and the toaster is too small. I have a heat gun and a hair dryer… Will those work? Is there another way?



I vacuum formed my enclosure today in my kitchen oven. ABS plastic.

Any particular reason you don’t want to use yours? A lot of people are concerned with the toxins – you won’t get them unless the plastic makes contact with anything and burns. I propped my frame up on some wood and it worked great @ 350f.

I have a youtube video coming soon and this is included.


@link5505 It’s an expensive oven… Cleaning it will not be fun, and knowing me something will go wrong. Maybe I can use my camping oven though. How big do the sheets need to be to make a decent sized enclosure? (What sheets do you use?)


Don’t use a brand new oven in all honesty it does leave a smell for at least the day. There are other options which I can go into but a quick Google search will do s much better job.

Includes building a box and using either a space heater or lamp


Try a toaster oven. Some of them can plug straight into the wall outlet and can heat up to decent temps. I found one big enough to do big enclosures for around $100 AUD


Can you share the link to this oven please :slight_smile:



It’s Aussie


don’t build one out of a space heater. ITs a waste of time. Best bet is to get on craigslist or something like that and find a busted range with a good oven for cheap


I just do it my oven

Completely cover everything under the frame in foil
Run a fan and it’s fine in a few hours
I do watch it like a hawk the whole time
I do the foil every time just in case but I’ve never even come close to a problem
$0 :grinning:


Ok so here are the measurements for the inside of my camping oven:
Depth: ~10
Length: 14
Height: 6.5

not sure if this is going to work :confused: the smallest enclosure I need is at least 7.5 inches across, not accounting for the height


Ok so I did some calculations and took more measurements… Looks like it will work but I’ll need a very specific size for the rim and the piece of plastic will need to be dremeled to fit my requirements

(Sorry about the bad handwriting and blurry pictures)


Ok so I found a cheap seller on eBay with the thickness that I want I can dremel the rest. How does this look? http://m.ebay.com/itm/4048-BLACK-ABS-1-4-THICK-12-X-12-FOR-SALE-/190853632566?hash=item2c6fc35236%3Am%3AmyiyZWO1eiaiwlGhPc15Tyg&_trkparms=pageci%3Aef6892a3-55dd-11e6-a6d2-74dbd180a17e%7Cparentrq%3A38d411581560a60cd58e9fb4fffc4c1b%7Ciid%3A16


1/4 in is super thick, will be hard to shape.

The abs once shaped like a box will be very strong IMO you can go with 1/8 in. Excellent impact resistance and little flexibility just enough.


Go with 1/8". Works like a charm.


Like this? http://m.ebay.com/itm/4051-BLACK-ABS-1-8-THICK-12-X-12-IN-THIS-SALE-/201607428115?hash=item2ef0bd3813%3Am%3AmyiyZWO1eiaiwlGhPc15Tyg&_trkparms=pageci%3A6fec974b-5605-11e6-b138-74dbd180b389%7Cparentrq%3A39d6f2bc1560a6a5e3b3ce80fffaf034%7Ciid%3A15


Yes sir, go with that one will be much better result for your application :thumbsup: