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Used e board parts for sale


Selling my hobbywing esc so I can purchase a vesc. Looking to get $70 for the unit including USA shipping and paypal fees. Works great.

Also have 2 5000mah 3S zippy flight max batteries have been charged twice. Xt60 connectors. $45 shipped

GENUINE skyrc charger. Perfect condition. Also only used twice. $45 shipped.

Will sell everything for $150


still for sale or already sold?


Has the motor been sold?


If you can ship the batteries I’ll take them


if only youre in singapore , i’ll come knocking at your door in ten minutes . :sunglasses:


Hey guys sorry everything is sold except the deck


its all good m8, but dimensions and cost?


8.5" x 35" $80 shipped


ouch thats insane, ill take my ebay board