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USA/Canada Focbox Unity GB - Extra Units Available


Not sure if any of you are following the other Unity thread but Moros posted that the initial round will be shipping in the next week roughly. Hopefully that means good news for us as it also says the next round won’t be shipping until Feb… :slight_smile:


The Unity’s have arrived. I sent an email out to all GB participants on the next steps.


I have not received an email.


NVM it went to SPAM folder. lol


Tracking Received.

Thank you @JLabs


Anyone else received tracking?


I received jlabs tracking, and already have the unities


Still haven’t received a tracking :frowning_face: order # 1799


yeah me neither… order #1788


Everyone did the email survey thing right ?


I was only able to get one batch out so far. Been super busy. Will get caught up early this week as I have time off.


No problem mate, was just wondering.


2nd round shipped. I shipped all orders from people who filled out the form. Still over half of you who didn’t fill the form out.


Thanks Jared,

Got the unity on Saturday. Probably this will go in the build with the maytech 6880s. If you end up with extras I’d take another.


I received tracking. Should be here this Thursday according to the tracking info.


I received tracking too, but status is still “Label created, awaiting item” since Sunday. Lets give it a few more days to update.


Your box was returned because I accidentally selected the wrong service. You should have new tracking info


Got it, thanks mate.


I shipped all Unity orders a while ago. For those who did not fill out the form, I will send one more email. If you havnt filled out the form by Thursday 1/3/2019 at 12:00pm EST I will cancel your order.

In stock and ready for immediate shipment. Only 3 available

High Speed Build

@Sn4pz dude