US SALE Kaly street carver $1,350


I’m a second owner. I’ve owned for about 3-4 months and put 12 miles on it since I had it.

As for previous owner goes who knows lol.


I can’t believe this is still here​:weary::weary: awesome price for a beast…


Lmao. Bet ya it would be sold by now if it was a carbon gt or gtx :joy::joy:


whats the approx top speed? :slight_smile:


It’s geared up to hit 35mph


Anywhere but here yes.

Very nice ride. Why are you selling?

And don’t tell me it’s to buy a gt or gtx.


Lmao. Noo. No gt or gtx for me. That chapter of my life is long gone!! Selling because I have no use for it!! I have other boards that I ride all the time


Case in point…

(word on the streets is he’s getting another prototype across north border, maybe that Evo also for the grabs)


Haha. Nooo. Not the evo. I’m having too much fun on it to even think about getting rid of her lmao


im about between 94-98kg will my weight gonna hold 14ply? :smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Bump. Who wants her?? $1,350 picked up
Come test ride and take her home with ya


Where in the bay are you. If this is around next week I might just have to pick this up.


@PickSix24 Sanjo brother. Come get it.


If you still have that by the end of next week when I’m in SF, I may have to try figure out how to shove that thing in a suitcase to get it back to CO.


Just ship the battery home and take the board as a carry on! @tenshi0


Te vas a quedar deteniendo la peña viejo @pixelsilva


I live hella close, like 20 minutes away. How old is it?