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Just letting you know that I updated my above post with more stuff.
Guy in the marketplace is being flaky and I’m having none of that :confused:

in for 2 motor mounts (that fit the motors you sell)

Ok looks like the google form is back up and running. I will post a spreadsheet tomorrow so everyone can confirm. There is still time for anyone else to jump in!

Hey @JLabs, Just want to make sure that people know that the mounts I made were specific to the SK3 63XX Motor which has a bolt pattern of 32mm,square and all other 44mm diagonal motors. your motors are 30mm and 44mm bolt patterns so they WILL BE COMPATIBLE with the 44mm.

Edited this to avoid confusion.

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I’ll trade 2 part mount design(take your pick) for 2 completed mounts. wanted to make them here in the U.S. but can’t compete with those prices…

What do your mounts look like to begin with? Is it this because if thats the case @JLabs may as well go with the classic enertion mount that he finally made completely open source if we’re taking about design A. It’s proven and yours are just remakes of it for the most part. B and C are remakes of DIY’s mount

I’m pretty sure the 32mm square SK3 Mount holes you mentioned are actually 44mm Diagonal that are on almost all 63mm motors. No?

@jackw Wasn’t sure how the 30 or 44 was dimensioned but if 32mm square is 44 diagonal then okay. If you want post the pics you sent me on here for others too. I just noticed there was a difference in how it was dimensioned

Yes that is what he is saying. Check out this thread and @psychotiller 's responses. SK3 Motor Bolt Pattern

The sk3 has 32mm square spacing and 44mm diagonal spacing.

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@JuniorPotato93 No worries dude :thumbsup:

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I edited my earlier comment to help avoid confusion. Thanks for clearing that up

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yes i went with this style so they use locknuts instead of tapping aluminum. (lower cost and more fool proof) but there are many more options if using tapped threads.

B I give the credit to psychotiller because he did that style well before torque.

But lately i’ve been looking into style F (keep scrolling) because of forces being applied and it would make other truck types possible(CRONIN) and insert style adapter are very cheap even in us only $3ish (x50+).

style C is nothing like diy or any mount i’ve seen aside from ollin’s new mount that is using an adjustable idler with fixed ctc. which was released later, i wish i had my own cnc! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you need your mounts cnc’d for you give me the files and ill give you a quote from my people. Thats if your really desperate for mounts :slight_smile:

I just want a cnc to experiment.

actually all of these were designed to be waterjet cut since its cheaper and there is no thermal stresses from the cutter. but even then can’t compete with china’s prices for cnc…

Well juniorpotatos mounts and pulleys are getting cut in china so if you need anything just ask.

well I need to stop buying more parts, but I want to make everything! Lol

ok i’ll stop pulling this thread off topic, but hey keeping it up on the list is worth a bit straying topics…

Okay please verify what you want

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Plum you responded twice, not sure what you want…

Did not realize you were going for a nut and bolt version vs tapped. All I meant to convey is that the motor mount market is for the most part saturated. Unless you can bring something new to the table (in regards to form factor, functionality, material savings ) then it’s going to be very difficult to get others to want to make the switch to your product.
@JLabs and I went all in with one piece models, there are draw backs to this, like you have to have two distinct sides so you have to have two files for machining, might require more money, higher order quantity, won’t appeal to everyone, but there are other obvious benefits (fixed angles, no need to mess around with setting up the mounts, better strength in the piece, much better ground clearance, etc.) and so when designing pic your point and design to achieve it.

@JLabs Im gonna have to drop out of this one. Maybe next time. :wink: Thanks for everything though.