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Urban Agility - Hi5ber Ion-34 | 190kv 6374 | 12s2p | FocBox


After buying two sets of ill-designed hubs I decided to put together a belt drive board while I wait for my Carvons and Hummies hubs to arrive.

I prefer short boards since that’s what I’ve ridden my whole life, and need to quickly maneuver around imminent death on a daily basis living in NYC. Light weight and maneuverability were priorities, so, this is what I put together.

Hi5ber Ion-34 deck. Love the shape of this board. Agile and easily kick-turned, yet stable at speed

Trucks - Caliber 2 (92 duro barrel bushings)
Wheels - 90mm flywheels
Bearings - Bones Red Ceramics
Enclosure - @MasterCho 8x13" Carbon fiber enclosure
Motor - Build Kit Boards 190kv 6374 (16/36 gearing)
Motor Mount - Torque Boards
Battery - Miami Electric Boards 12s2p
Remote - Mini 2.4ghz

Overall I’m happy with build. It’s fun to ride, can go more than fast enough (32 mph according to gps app), and is pretty light (13.6lb). Need to replace the LCD screen which I managed to break while installing.


Nice to see another hi5ber build on here. They’re a bit pricy, but mine has been rock solid for almost a year now.


That board looks cool! How stable is it at top speed? Do you get any wheel bite?


Stable enough. Like I said, I got it over 30 mph and it feels good. I’m used to riding short boards at high speed though.

No wheel bite, but I had to use 5/8" worth of risers to prevent it.


love hi5ber, this is beauuuuutifullllllllll <3
man this is one sick build can’t stop lookingg…


Did a range test this morning and got 13.5 mph before my cutoff start @ 3.3v. Better than I expected. Then again I’m relatively light (80kg). Top speed was 34mph according to gps app


Got some shredlights and threw another motor on, because why not? Dual 6374s is so nice. Much better torque and braking. Put a surf rodz hybrid on the front too.


Did you come down from the top with screws and nuts at the bottom to mount that enclosure? If so did you just use countersunk to avoid screw head bumps all over the deck surface? It seems like these carbon fiber decks with foam centers probably wouldn’t be suitable for t-nuts.


Yea, that’s what I did. Didn’t countersink since I don’t really care that there are 4 screw heads sticking up a mm or two


Really like the look of this build.
I’m a kicktail fan too.


such a sweet build. Did you have any difficulty with hills when you had the single belt drive? Im pretty much looking to build this exact board for riding to and from campus, im around 80kg too… so your input is pretty relevant for me.

also, how much in cost was the additional motor? i assume you also added a second esc of some sort?


We’re you able to really fit two Focboxes?