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Uphill Race #2. Bakersfield Outlaw 12


As far as i know these events are piggybacking off existing downhill events…? Is that correct?



Like @sofu said. Piggybacking on DH. The DH community has it all figured out. Taking a look at Maryhill, Wa for April 27, 28. 2.2 mile


One day I’ll be able to attend a race like this on the other side of the country with my board.

Helmet and Gloves.
Leathers are encouraged and will be required in order to race Pro Luge and Pro Standup!
• $30 to race Pro Luge. ($20 to the podium purse and $10 to Cali Outlaw overall champ).
• $30 to race Pro Standup. ($20 to the podium purse and $10 to Cali Outlaw overall champ).
• $10 Am Standup.
• $10 Women’s Standup.
• $10 Women’s Luge.
• $10 Groms Standup.
• $20 E Board Uphill Prix
• $5 FreeRiding for anyone not interested in racing. (This cash will go to the shuttle vehicle).
• $20 Gravity Car and In-line classes will be added if there are enough participants.

Chain Maile, Speed Suits, “Ballast”, weighted boards, boards with more than 4 wheels, shoe covers, aero kits, body fairings, bad attitudes.
1 set of wheels for the race, start to finish.

Saturday, March 23rd:
Skate all of the good stuff in the hills around Bakersfield!

Sunday, March 24th:
Course: Cal/Bodfish Rd.
On the hill at 8am for registration and practice. Racing begins at 9:30am SHARP.
Once racing is over we’ll do podium and skate the rest of the day!
Also Parking Garages Sunday Night at 7pm.

If there are any other concerns, dietary requests from the vegan squad, and/or constructive criticism please feel free to message me and we’ll get it cleared up.
Also if you or your company is interested in sponsoring this event please contact me at
Thank you all and I can’t wait to see your shining faces on race day!


No wrenching ok what about battery swapping. I’ma need to swap once or twice


Bakersfield is my backyard! :star_struck::star_struck:


I would hope he is specifically talking about The paying DH classes. Bring your tools, bring your battery swaps. If ya wanna add weight well…


Ok I miss read. Makes more sense now. I was like well I’m not going to put dumb bells on my board if I’m trying to go up a hill maybe stuff my pockets full of rocks on the way back down lol.


What’re the classes we can race and costs associated?


Can you add me to the list? Edit: not 100% on what board I’ll be riding


Details will be finalized. Stand-by. Got any ideas please share.


We might want to have top speed range classes. 30 - 35, 35 - 40, etc. Really depends on how much time they give us. Might just be another 20 on the starting line. :grin: I’m fine with that. It’s hella fun either way. :+1:


Yeah the mass start was fine, we need to remember we are guests at these events. Save the complicated and time consuming heats for later.


Please get better documentation, video and photo, for the people on other continents! Cameras positioned beside the track and a camera on a bike upfront additional to drone shots of the complete heat would be awesome.


@MoeStooge You know I’ll be there! Any idea what time the uphill race will be at? Just trying to figure out my driving schedule.

4wd hummie hub most likely


Wow. I certainly wouldn’t win lol It would be awesome to attend! But I don’t know if I could. Seasonal firefighter hiring starts around that time.

But hey, I’ll RSVP on the chance that I WONT have to go to rehire training that week :joy:

At this point, 2wd 12S TB belt drive build.


Bakersfield Outlaw Roster.
BakO Up-Hill

  1. @Spiritrunner47 (Raptor AWD)
  2. @JAYSTCB ( SRB )
  3. Justin Morgan (SRB )
  4. @sofu. (S3)
  5. @Winfly
  6. @Kingdom421. (AWD Revel)
  7. @schofieldbrandon
  8. @chaka (ollin)
  9. @mccloed (somthin psychotiller)
  10. MoeStooge (SRB
  11. @evoheyax (hummies AWD)
  12. CoolRextreme (Torque Boards 12s)
  13. @Arzamenable (red-ember 44-AWD)


I’m totally stoked on how quick the roster is filling up. I will bring a generator in case anybody wants to bring their charger and charge up there batteries. I will also bring a couple gopros and an old fisheye handycam to pass off between riders during practice runs. Also I just bought a radar speed kit to set up on the hill somewhere. Not sure how it’s gonna work yet. But I will probably need a volunteer to stand there and pull the trigger. Preferably across from one of the photographers. Also I will bring some rear foot stops if anybody wants to try them out before the race. image


BakO12 uphill pin drop.°16’52.3"N+118°40’36.5"W/@35.281393,-118.6758531,17z?hl=en-US&gl=us

Stooge Race Wheels