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Uphill Race #2. Bakersfield Outlaw 12


Can I tentatively be added? Riding my S3


add me on. not sure I will will finish and bring.


im sure @FranciscoV can lend you two 6380 motors, for a awd for this race. :thinking::rofl:


Lmao. She already bought all of my 6880 stock :joy:


guess she was one step ahead of us. :rofl:


She ain’t slow that I can tell you right now lol.
Almost got her killed last Saturday thou. @sofu my bad :hugs:


Nah it was also my bad I shouldn’t have been following you so closely!


She’s calling you slow.


Hey come on now that’s not what I was doing there’s no need for such vulgar language :triumph:


Awww. That’s a good to put it​:weary:. Damn :joy::joy::joy:


I would like to be added if at all possible. Been riding in this desert by myself for awhile now. it’d be nice to meet some other Cali riders


It be great to have you there. What will you be riding.


AWD Revel.


I’d like to turn out for this!


Hello Could I be added. Is there any more details on the event I can only find last years FB Page.


Will put up the info when we have the info :+1:

Stooge Race Wheels

Had contact with the promoter a few days ago. Race will be held on March 23rd and 24th!


You should probably count me in. Again, a @psychotiller build of some sort. :grin:


Bakersfield Outlaw Roster.
BakO Up-Hill

  1. @Spiritrunner47 (Raptor AWD)
  2. @JAYSTCB ( SRB )
  3. Justin Morgan (SRB )
  4. @sofu. (S3)
  5. @Winfly
  6. @Kingdom421. (AWD Revel)
  7. @schofieldbrandon
  8. @chaka (ollin)
  9. @mccloed (somthin psychotiller)
  10. @MoeStooge (SRB)


Out of curiosity. How is the community coming up with this places to race? What makes them be the right spot to do an event? Again. Im just curious