Uphill Race #2. Bakersfield Outlaw 12

Got the armour and the bucket. I’ma look into those bushings. Thanks @MoeStooge. My discomfort is going from standing to basically kneeling and visa versa


@Kingdom421, if you need help, I can help you dial it in


@Alphamail cool I’ll be there Saturday to practice the hill


I’m around same speed and seeing the last pics with ass and hands down to the road with the puck, I need moar :fire::fire:

Faster, lower and wider stance I think. Got a nice margin of progress in corners too since last weeks thanks to @Deckoz hints and that’s still not enough yet haha

Any of you guys are coming along to Compiègne’s event by July 14th??


What event? Link?

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Take a look :wink:

There will be racing for both street and off road setups.

Edit : A part of the off road track, the street track still needs scouting cause it will be traced in city (with according autorisation from city mayor).

Tagging @okp FTW


For skateboarding on urethane wheels, downhill skateboarding with slide gloves and GS on steep hills are great ways to learn about riding at the edge of traction and beyond. For pneumatic tires you always have a motor and doing laps on both a tight and loose figure 8 course will give you an idea of what you and your board can do.


I have the gloves just haven’t gone balls to the wall just yet to be able to use them but I got the dh K,E, pads, wrist guard, and gloves like $90 just for the gloves and like $80 for rest of the set lol safety is expensive. I’m sure I could have gotten them cheeper online but zumez was there and pharmacy is close


I have the pneumatic tires for my next build I got them from trampa

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Skatronics is the working title of the electronics brand that Dave Dirickson and I will share. For now browsing to Skatronics.com will forward you to https://psychotiller.com/collections/battery-packs.

The plan is to put all of our electronics under the Skatronics brand so expect to see that on battery packs, motors, ESCs, remotes, and standard enclosures.

Dave puts together “Psychotiller” builds that include his SixShooter rims for pneumatic tires, pulleys, motor mounts, clamps, and custom enclosures.

Trucks and Decks:

We’re about to launch a new series of HeXL precision trucks in both RKP and TKP setups. The most common hanger widths are 220mm and 240mm, but we can make them any width we want. Baseplate angle “splits” are available in both RKPs and TKPs. You heard that right. If you like how carvy TKPs are but don’t like getting the wobs at high speed, try a 45°/35° TKP front/back split. The TKP baseplates come in 30°, 35°, 40°, 45°, and 50°. If you like how stable RKPs are but don’t want too much rear steering, try a 50°/30° RKP front/back split. The RKP baseplates come in 20°, 25°, 30°, 35°, 40°, 45°, and 50°. All trucks allow for tall (.750") bushings but if you want to retard steering you can always use a standard (.600") bushing and a ThikCup (or other shim). All hangers use our hex clamps and basic motor mount plates.

You’re going to see both Dave and me using two different versions of the Jet KillShot - a 38.0" for TKPs and a 40.5" for RKPs. The standing platforms are identical and have that nice “radial drop” bump that the outside of your feet can easily locate. The RKP deck has longer ends for a longer wheelbase because compared to TKPs, RKPs shorten the axle-to-axle wheelbase by more than an inch on each end and we don’t want wheelbite.


Sweet to see this coming together @ChrisChaput


That’s cool I’ll be ordering from y’all in the future. Do you make decks with built-in enclosures. Or could you if I asked nicely

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Are you asking if we’re going to hog out a bunch of wood on the underside of the deck to recess the battery pack a bit before adding an enclosure, or if we’ll package matching enclosures with the deck?

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I think he means will you have a cut out accessible from the top of the board so that the esc and battery will be integrated into the wood itself.

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Yes cut out on top with a nice rubber seal for water resistants. but separated compartments. Batteries in front and back and the VESC’S in middle.

But bevel the ends so you don’t need longer truck screws and sides beveled also for slim look. And a mtb with 45 degree angles. Is this to much to ask lol

More info required.


Looking forward to see those trucks. Hope you will make the bushing Seats open so there will be no collision with the bushings.

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Whether it’s an RKP or a TKP, I always make sure that there’s an elliptical cutout around the bushing seat so the hanger can lean without colliding with the sides of the bushings. It’s amazing how many people screw up the design of a truck in this area.

There are a number of good ways that you can “tighten up” and/or “stabilize” a truck:

  • Use a firmer bushing durometer
  • Use shorter bushings
  • Use larger diameter bushings
  • Use cup washers instead of flat washers
  • Use a baseplate with a shallower steering angle
  • Use a rakeless or flipped (reverse rake) hanger
  • Use wider hangers

But with some designs you get part way into a turn and the hanger interferes with the side of the bushing, or the top (cup) washer collides with the hanger, or the hanger is sloppy and sloshes around the kingpin. Many designs don’t allow for FatCat, Chubby, Fat Cone, Stimulator, Eliminator, Keg, or other step-diameter bushings.

When you combine a good bushing seat design with a good bushing, you have the most and best options available. My FatCat Bushing (patent pending) is the only bushing that fits the bushing seat properly AND changes the ride characteristics when you invert them. Note the problems highlighted in yellow at the bottom when you flip other bushings upside down. I can use the Fat/Fat configuration to stabilize the rear truck and a less restrictive configuration in the front to steer better. Brad Miller from Riptide poured the first prototype FatCats in 3 different duros. :arrows_clockwise: With 6 top bushing options (3 duros times 2 orientations) and 6 on the bottom, there are 36 options for the front truck and 36 for back for a total of 1,296 bushing options per board.




This is what I get with the surf rodz rkp and it starts irritating the hell out of me. If your new truck deals with that problem (from the picture it looks like it) and are as wide as the surf rodz (I have mine on my psycbotiller build with his shooters), then I am in for one of your first sets! :slight_smile: