EggsTravaGanZa 4-Day Sale

Upgraded Boosted Boards for sale *v1 sold* v2 Price drop


Price drop on V2 $1100 shipped


super nice aquarium lol. i have a 120 gal


Thanks! It’s a 75 In the background :slight_smile: right next to my ass lol


Bumbity bumb


What configuration are those cells in for the FlexR? 12s or 10s or 13s? Also how did you tie them into the board? Do you need to unplug before powering on?

I’d love to do this to my boosted V2 Dual +. Also thinking about making a board from scratch but it seems like there can be some issues with ESCs not working right and messing up configuring them. Give me some confidence about setting up ESCs or resources to use :slight_smile: