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Upgrade cheap hub motor board with Focbox Unity & Get Amazing Performance BOOST



Do you have statistics on meepos customer base? Where are you getting 90 percent? I’m pretty sure many of the boards ship with the 25r battery as it’s the cheapest.

Different conditions = different top speeds.


I think they are referring to the thousands of older boards with 20r or lesser batteries. However, 90% is pulled straight from the arse. The new Meepo NLS is the only version that uses the 25r cell afaik. The v2 (which is the one used in the video ) uses 20r standard.

As for the top speed… idk isn’t Jason over 200lbs? I’m 150 running 11s on the standard esc and top out at 27. Seems like the amp limits really kill performance for heavier riders.


The 20r 10s2p packs can still do 40 amps discharge it just has smaller capacity if I remember right.


Oh yeah right on the money. It’s the really old samsung 22p packs that were abysmal but they haven’t used those for months so most riders should be able to drop in the Unity and get that performance increase. I can’t wait for mine!


@onloop ? 10char


@pjotr47 Might help a bit


Thnx! I am going to try running 70A on each motor but I want first black on white from Onloop that it is possible, So I can come back if I maybe kill it. 140A off total power sounds very much for such a small unity


Any updates on how the hubs handles the extra amps? Temperature, effeciency, etc?


man did you try to increased the battery max on the unity above 80A (40 + 40)?