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@onloop I saw this specs about the unity.
I was thinking about setting up 70A each motor and a current of 140A from my battery (12s)

Is it okay to use those settings? So can you promise me that I will not demolish the unity with these settings?


Yes but you will need 2 Unitys connected over CANBUS. AWD is more complex but you would have a hill climbing monster.


The standard ESC seems to be limiting speed.

With 2x standard vesc you need to buy a seperate switch and it probably won’t fit inside the case.

Unity is definitely a better option!


I was just asking about this a week or 2 ago and it’s on my list of mods.

Did you use the stock battery on meepo?

When will foxbox unity be available for purchase? It shows “pre-order” on your website. Do you have any dealers in EU?


Got some focboxes in a meepo and the top speed has improved a bit. The torque though has improved but not before I fried the bms on the battery. Word of warning to anyone performing this upgrade. Make sure the battery can handle the extra current. Don’t go slapping in a unity and thinking cool now I can run more amps. You can but only safely another 2 per vesc on the meepo 10s2p. Not much of a difference. The sanyo battery though is a bit more leggy as is the 10s 5p but again be aware the standard esc is only set to 18 amps per vesc and as such has a bms rated accordingly. The cells are very limiting and to really unlock the motors you need to do an upgrade. For example both the 10s3p and the 10s2p blew a bms at 25 battery amps per motor. I was just loving killing chinese boards that week. Point is be careful of the battery before making any serious amp changes. On another note the hubs on an enertion 10s4p 30q and focboxes rock. Torquey and fun.


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Asking for more amps than the cells are rated for by switching out the escs and upping the current drawn sounds a quick way to ruin the cells if not worse.


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Order now if you want the 2nd batch presale price of $249USD. Price going back to $299 at end of month.

Stock will ship as soon as we reach our sales targets, so hurry up and order and tell your friends to order too.


Have you tested the unity with the koowheel hubs?

I don’t want to bring my unity upstate (I’ll be taking the train back to school and I fear it might get damaged on the train somehow) if it won’t work


it will work


im about to order two, any estimations jason?


Alright Jason you got me with this thread. It was only a matter of time.


I think those bms are 40a ones, 20a per might be ok

Also drawing more than rated should either just shut the bms down or limit the amps automatically why would it fry I wonder.

Meepo are using 25r packs so 40a total is ok


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Meepo Battery Upgrade FAT GUY

Nice video, very professional I must say :+1:
So how much less battery did you get with the unity? Cuz I guess you raised the amp draw to increase performance?


Only 21MPH on a meepo v2, seriously? I have not seen 1 reviewer have a problem breaking 25 on them. That dosen’t seem right. Also, this won’t even work on 90% of the configurations of the meepo because they don’t have 40A batteries. Kind of seems misleading if this is on the 25R meepo only.


Do you have statistics on meepos customer base? Where are you getting 90 percent? I’m pretty sure many of the boards ship with the 25r battery as it’s the cheapest.

Different conditions = different top speeds.