Buy FOCBOX Unity

Upgrade cheap hub motor board with Focbox Unity & Get Amazing Performance BOOST



We put a Focbox Unity, paired with a Nano-X in a generic hub motor esk8.

We got some very surprising results! Most notably a 32% increase in top speed… WOW!
Huge improvement in acceleration, speed, torque and overall improvements with control of throttle/brake.

We did three tests.

  1. A-to-B 30M sprint from a stationary start.
  2. 100m hill climb up 10% gradient from a stationary start.
  3. Top Speed test using GPS phone app.

We got improvements in all three tests & we will be posting a video soon so you can all see how we did the testing.


Awesome news. I’m in the process of upgrading my focboxes to a unity. I was planning on putting the focboxes into my sons generic hub motor board. Glad to hear it may be a performance upgrade !


so you put an esc inside a board that’s worth what the esc is worth :joy:. still sick


what tha? meepo v2 isn’t $249…


249 does not include shipping. :joy:


nah nah you can get a “generic hub motor esk8” for that im 98% sure (i always say 98% bc there’s always one idiot that does that “aKshUallY yOu cAn’T” shit so)


thanks for comments @AlanZhou & @mynamesmatt


Are you going to be stocking the unity in the states soon so that shipping cost doesn’t influence purchasing for some folks?



Sup dog.


Make shit better!


some of these folks have the ability to service the US market… should ask them to stock the unity.


@sender shh you’re drunk





Use Unity with MeepoV1’s switch.
Change the wiring layout.


I didn’t even need further convincing yet you’ve gone and done it!


Nice work! can you report your findings? did you also see improvements?


I read this thread and thought of using meepo’s switch.
It is not going ahead from there.
I was predicting that Unity is a strategic product that can upgrade cheap boards.
Everyone in Builders will use unity to build high performance boards.
But Unity is a good choice for upgrading the cheap board.
I think that beginners are good threads to step up.


Would this work with the Meepo AWD?


Hi, could you show us how you connect your hubs to the unity ?


Actually this can be achieved with any VESC based ESC :stuck_out_tongue: Depending on the programming of the orginal ESC there will be no speed increase because its limited by KV but torque will improve a lot.


Awesome ! What about temperatures ? How do you now that suck setup willl old over time ?