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Unamed Build | Yuneec Ego 18650 Pack | sk3 236kv | Hobbywing ESC | Vanguard or Yuneec Downhill

Thats what i heared to… i aint climbing hills… maybe a bridge here and there thats it…but i really think/have the feeling you guys underestimate the 50mm’s… ‘if’ it burns up in a few months ill buy myself a 63mm guys

I ordered some perfectly the same 18650 cells, my battery pack is going to be upgraded to a 7S6P + new/editted BMS. charge them with a balance charger… Gonna rebuild it… cheapest and best way… that solves my current problem… i can then use 40-50A continious safely… (60A max)… and im planning on limiting my board at 50amps with an inline breaker switch.
i aint going for sick speeds or insane torque… i never go uphill, we dont have hills around here… i wanne get to work… so my max range is way more important…

That sounds like a good solution. I’m curious how you plan to “edit” the BMS though…

Yeah, I probably do underestimate the 50s.