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Uk gear supply website


Hi folks, my work bought me here


Some sexy gears we may be able to use…


I have been on this website before


When two worlds collide…

We actually use their gearboxes at work, they are good quality


What do you use it for?

I only went on there to see what gears they do. (esk8 related)


Back in April I sent them some enquiries for modifying some of their existing gears. Turns out they don’t entertain individuals. I’m not in the UK, maybe if you’re in the UK you’ll have a better chance.


We use the gearboxes to move vehicle mounted satellite dishes for broadcasting. Basically we put a pinion gear on the gearbox an that rotates around a large rack to move the dish. Hard to explain in words.

Their gearboxes are solid, the pinion gear wears after about 10 years and the gearbox’s show no play. Amazing really when you consider the weight on them.