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[UK/EU] 90mm Red and Black Wheels + Pulleys (soon)


They weigh 1.07kg :+1:t2:


For the people who might not have seen :wink:


Any news on the pulleys yet? My AT setup is awesome but I want the long range thane setup in reserve…


Still a ways off I’m afraid :confused: I’ll let you know when I have a pickup date :+1:t2:


The wheels came in

These are absolutely incredible for the price. If abecs and caguamas are 10/10, these are a solid 8 for a 1/3rd of the price.

snap these up before the sell out :slight_smile:



A little bump up if anyone would like any wheels. :+1:t2:


97s or 107s/110s possible from your supplier? I think you’d have a much bigger market for those


Yeah I do wish I had got 97’s aswell :confused: maybe next year :+1:t2: My pulleys have just shipped so it’ll be a well priced wheel and pulley set when the arrive.


2 more sets out @Shaun @littlem39


Thanks @atenner,

Quick delivery and well packed!