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Turnigy SK3 192kv / 10s3p space cell / VESC / 83mm wheels / 15-36T / Jet vulcan deck


Freaking loving this thing! It has been good to me.
Thank you so much everybody on this forum! The intel helped me not to screw up shit :slight_smile:
Today i went for a ride to a friend and 15km later i had a smile on my face like everybody should have :smile:

Turnigy sk3 192kv single drive
10s3p space cell
83mm wheels
Jet vulcan deck

Theoretical speed was 45km/u
Measured speed is 40km/u and i weigh 84kg wich is perfect for me! I don’t have a deadwish :slight_smile:


Nice dude! Welcome on board :slight_smile:
pls change your title name like everybody else to “yourmotor I youresc I etc etc…”


Oh ok, sorry, didn’t know that :slight_smile:


Have fun with your new board


Thx man! And again a big thank you for the group buy!


Where did you get your motor mount from? esk8.de?


I bought the enertion single drive mechanical kit


Nice one! good luck!