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Trucks: STEEL, unpainted, uncoated


Anyone know where I can find the type of trucks listed in the title? I recently learned how to weld in a variety of different ways and am now looking for trucks that I can buy to test my skills trying to weld on a motor mount.


Normally, all trucks are aluminum and most aren’t steel. I think I was trying to look in the past but couldn’t find anyone.


Caliber makes a bare aluminum truck. welding aluminum is a few notches more difficult than steel.


I got the paris trucks and aluminum brazed them myself using $20 worth of tools. The video below shows how you braze aluminum.

And here is the link to my build Subhransu Board 1 | SCSK8 Bamboo | Paris Raw 180 | Torqueboards 6355 | DIY motor mount | 2X 3S 5000mAH B-grade Li-Po| HobbyWing S5 RTR