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No, we don’t have distribution facilities in DE.


Please be before Christmas!


would be good before autumn to get some kilometers into these rings! :wink:


Does Trampa sell the endcap for that underboard battery enclosure? If you look closely it has their logo on it.


Still a work in progress I think.

Some of us have been waiting for a while for those D:!


@trampa any updates regarding the wheels? How many prototypes do you have now? :stuck_out_tongue:


We are pressing the paddel down as hard as we can. I’ll post some protos to Nowind for testing as soon as we have them.



frank, when are the 6" pneumatics coming out?


@torqueboards are you still making urban carver mounts that fit 6374s? Or just the MTB ones?


@Sender Just the MTB options.


@trampa Sorry for bringing up an old post; I’m looking to do a similar build; how do I have a custom cart setup so I can order a board built like this? I’m wanting to electrify it as well, so I was looking for a street carve deck in 14 ply, with the upper base plate and ultimate hangers so I can eventually swap between stickies and pneumatics.