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Trampa parts new. Everything else lightly used


I will take the Trampa deck, trucks and wheels if still available. Send you a PM


Is everything sold?


Anything still available?


Hey is the direct drive or gear box available?


Hey guys everything’s still for sale. Haven’t been active on here lately, sorry. I got a predator, 12s5p 30q pack on a trampa underbody enclosure, drilled and bend ready. With power button, bms, battery, etc. got two sets of Carvon torque drives. Got trampa vertigo trucks, a carve deck, and pneumatics. I got e-toxx mini direct drive motor mounts. A riptide. Mellow board w 90mm wheels. Leif board brand new. Raptor 2. Boosted mini stealth. Got a couple 10s2p 30q. 10s1p. 10s4p raptor W battery. 12s2p 30q 12s3p 30q.


Are the vesc6s for sale, or is that with the board?


How much you want for the etoxx mini drive?


Could you please tell me your address so I know what house not to rob next time

You got like 10 builds man :smiley:


Pm sent. Interested in taking some things off your hands


It’d be easier if you put some prices on atleast some stuff. I’ve approached you before regarding sevral items with Little response.


I even wouldn’t have the time to put all the parts together :see_no_evil: crazy what we could build out of all this parts


Well… Normaly it is a rule to put a price Tag on sale items…


Hopefully he’ll come back in less than 2 months this time around. I might even have some money then, or none at all


I see you still have the two 136kv Trampa motors. How does $125 for one or $250 for both sound? You decide if you want to sell only one, or the pair (I only need one, but a spare would be cool).


Direct drives 400 with trucks


I have another rack and containers in storage. It’s a cluster fuck when I’m looking for a connector or something and Todd the whole place up looking lol


Sorry for the poor comms I just started working and I have two pets to take care of when I get home. Plus a girlfriend. But ya riptide 300. Predator 600. Brand new mini direct drives etoxx w vertigo trucks 400. Carvon torque drives brand new 480. Lightly used 400. Surf Rods 200mm rkp 100 a truck. Mellow, undecided on price. 2x Maytech vescs 60each. Focboxs 110. THRe 30q 12s5p pack w enclosure under mount for trampa deck is brand new built by bara for himself, he never ended up using. 30q 12s3p and 12s2p w bms 250 and 220.


Pictures please


I’m interested in the surfrodz. Can you post up pictures? Are they brand new? What size axle?


God Damn! You have a lot of cool shit my friend. Loving it!!

**Looking for Hub Motors**