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Trampa parts new. Everything else lightly used


Hey y’all I have a trampa urban carver deck for sale. Black and bronze ratchet bindings. Trampa mini spring trucks. Black vertigo trucks. Direct drive e-toxx motor mount kit. Superstar wheels. I’ve never assembled or used, because the motors I got were too big, I kinda put this on the back burner as I had a bunch of other setups I was messing with. I also have a flexi 30q 12s5p w bms built by @barajabali in a trampa underboard enclosure custom made to flex I was thinking bout selling separately but open to offers.


Prices? Need to post


Damn dude…nice stuff. I have a feeling you’re going to wake up to a full inbox haha


How much for the direct drive?


I call dibs on the abecs.


Pm sent on vertigo, superstar and battery


lemme know if u see something u like. I’m loving my tesseract raptor 2 at the moment. But the battery is bout 800 new, without the enclosure. Considering it’s still new, I wanna get 600 for it with the enclosure. What u see if for sale. Text me at 9494665957


Text message to cell number


Sent a text about the Trampa motors. Let me know if they’re still available.


Dunno if I wanna sell the motors yet. But open to offers


Selling those carvons? How many $$$


How about $300 for both Trampa motors?


Do you still have this stuff for sale?
I am interested in your trampa board with battery
And any parts you have to make it run.



The deck and trucks and wheels 300 12s5p with bms switch and underboard enclosure that flexes 650 direct drive motor mounts 350.

I’ll think about the motors. I was gonna use them w a build w gummies wheels


Are you in the U.S.


So Cali Oc


I’ll take the v3


I’ll take the direct drive e-toxx setup and the Carvon V3’s if still available. Prices?


Hey @on1y if sending to the EU doesn;t make you puke I have interest in the following
Black and bronze ratchet bindings.
Trampa mini spring trucks.
Superstar wheels


I will take you up in this…$650…PM SENT…USA Minneapolis