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Trampa mountain board truck mud guard pillar


I’m Keep editing. This time we are changing the support to aluminum.


Looks good. I wonder when then time will come when someone will offer mudguards for mountainboards commercially…


@tboard I would like to see mud guards for the rear tires with the trampa drive system.


This is old. A new one is under development.
I’ll show it soon.


It’s almost ready. Please wait.


Shut up and take my money. I have been looking for some trampa fenders forever. I want to be able to ride through puddles dammit!



Are you going to share the files?


Sorry. I don’t think that


Are you going to make and sell them then?


Yes. I can sell Front mud guards now. but rear need more time.


What’s the price?


I’ll take a set please!


Sorry to answer late. I was a little busy.
I think it almost $110 front set. Except postage.


Are you going to install it in trampa?


Yes I was, but $110 for a set is way more than I am willing to pay… I will probably just rig something to work from a pale.