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Trampa Day Walker | NoWind Direct Drive | 12S6P 30Q


A asymmetric deck would be nice for eSk8

@Deckoz I didn’t think anyone else had a encoder rig coming… :thinking:

mock up shot from JensoBro :money_mouth_face:



I’m thinking of something a lot easier, angled risers and softer springs


I dunno maybe he is building that for someone…I don’t think he has started mine yet, as we did just recently speak this weekend. I’m awaiting the invoice to pay :slight_smile:


yeah, that kit is mine :sunglasses:
just back from the anodizers…

Dan has ordered a rig too


Wait what???

Y’all are getting these too!!


I’ve been waiting for months :joy:


Not sure about the rig but he said he there was the potential of an encoder cap - poor bloke - in not gonna pester him :wink:




yeah me either, i’m happy as a pig in shit just to be in the queue :star_struck:

I thought you had a rig enroute? :thinking:


Lol! Maybe I do :joy:


@Cobber what motor mount is tht


it is the side plate for Jenso’s DD gearbox


I meant the bars around where the motor goes, kinda like a cage


on Jenso’s older mount designs he used braces from mount to mount… on this design he shrunk the braces to mount the encoder chip to sensor motor position for smooth start up, acceleration…


Ahh… I wanna find a setup like this for street boards



There’s always this option too!

…sorry for all the thread jacking @Deckoz!


I was actually looking at the damper. But wasn’t sure it would fit. Also probably a future upgrade. Lol…

I was thinking about getting bullbars from trampa too…but I have no idea what they look like. As there are no pictures…I imagine it’s a nice bullbar for the front.


@Kug3lis sells a DD kit for Torqueboard 218s! But, still pneumatic, I think he may be working on one for flywheels, but he’ll have to correct me if I am wrong


I looked at those (bullbar) to but kept on walking…


Man… I just got hit by a damn car… they rolled a stop sign and sent my ass flying