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Track racing - set up and riding style


I have to try this.


That’s really cool. Didn’t know this existed. I just downloaded the app and will try it out. Thanks!

And thanks @MoeStooge. I’ll set that up and see how I do. Nice to have a benchmark set already.


One thing I learned while riding crotch rockets was that your body naturally takes you to where you look, it’s probably the best advice anyone ever gave me when it came to taking corners. It’s super scary but you learn to trust your body and its natural motion.


Just like Formula One qualis. They go out to the track just with enough fuel (no our concern) for two laps. They do the first lap coming out of pits (about 2,5 kilometers) just to warm up the tires and then jump for the stint on the second flying lap and thats the time for the quali. Thats how they attempt qualification day with 3 qualis (Q1, Q2 and Q3).

As each quali ends, the 10 last riders with poor time are left for back places on the starting grid. Q1 assigns 21th to 30th places, and so on, Q2 assingns 11th to 20th place and finally Q3 assigns 1st to 10th places on the grid.

For all, teams use already worn down tires from previous practice days which are better than brand new ones that hasn’t been broken. Rubber compounds are already exposed and scratched by the track’s surface on the broken tire making it ideal for that precise quali lap and not needing previous extra warming laps (which under the F1 quali format are un available anyhow).


This is something I think about right now. I am planing my new battery for the new deck. I want this to be a big ass battery that gives me huge range on the street. This makes its heavy. Using lion’s. maybe I should make a “race” battery that is lighter maybe using Lipo. But I have never used lipos so I have no experience.

At some point I will make my self a dedicated short track board. But for now I need it to be useable on both track and for my everyday street use or at least easily modifiable.


Thats what @MoeStooge does, using lipos.


Go lipower !! :wink: (my 2 x 5s5Ah45c can fit in my 2 pockets so they are small!)
2 x 6s 4/5000mah with max C should be verry nice !

You inspired me so much ! Thx for sharing once again :+1:


New week new session.

I find it really difficult breaking hard before corners. Today I had a feeling that I was trying too much. Ideally I should wait to the last moment and then break hard only shortly when I am still in a straight line. I easily either break to much meaning that I loose speed or break too little meaning I have too much speed in to the corner. It also makes the balance tricky as these hard stops easily throws me a little off balance. But its actually more the acceleration afterwards that can throw me off balance more.

I then tried to forget about the braking a little and had focus on having a smooth feeling around the track. Not being that agressive on the breaks and the acceleration. That felt awesome. It felt nice to be able to work with the trigger more smoothly other than full throttle or hard breaking. I felt that I could start the acceleration out of corners sooner. Maybe I just felt more in control.

I improved my best lap again by 0,30 of a second.

I stayed afterwards and looked at an experienced karting person doing his practice. His trainer talked me through the track. And he was pretty clear. If you want to go fast you need to do hard breaking as late as possible. He could see that I on my board could be thrown out of balance when breaking hard. But he was just like “then you need to practice!”. Ok I will…

To be honest I think the thing for me is, that I really don’t know my board that well. I need to become way more experienced breaking hard and acceleration hard. I feel that I a still entering the unknown when I do that. I feel a little embarrassed writing this, but when I look at it I think its true.

I Had like five laps today under 37 sec. And as the 37 sec. was a first time only one week ago, I guess I have a lot of improvements in me still.

41.50 sec
40.50 sec.
38.93 sec.
38.53 sec.
37.67 sec.
37.49 sec.
38.78 sec.
37.19 sec.
36.96 sec.
36.66 sec.

I am back on the track already tomorrow again, where we have a group ride.


I have been experimenting with a high grip gravity setup that is easy to lean 25+ degrees right and left. This allows you to dive hard into the turn, compress the board causing a brake effect without actually using the brakes and literally spring you out of the turn when you want it to based on how and when you release the carve. Adding power will theoretically assist to drive you out of the carve. The setup acts more like a superbike than a skateboard as the rider’s position in turns is very deeply angled. What angle can you lean your board @davidbonde? This is the setup, 33 degree front and zero to 3 degree rear:


You guys looks to be having sick fun! I’ve been training analog to try teach my body to move faster.

Hit a timid 42km/h DH light corner so still way 2 go haha

Do any of you know an app to overlay speed gauge, GPS tracking and lap timer on video by chance? Or I should just run separate apps together?


I had company on the track yesterday. It was the first time I drove close with others. We did not race, but there was this other guy who didn’t just let me pass.

I had to work for the pass finding the right moment and doing other than perfect lines. This was very fun and giving it a grain of new complexity.

A couple of times I fund myself wanting a bit more maneuverability to mingle my way around him. Meaning I wanted a smaller turning circle. I have the board set up right now so it fits the perfect line of the track.

But this “fighting” with another on the track might speak for a different set up. Either new baseplate angles or maybe the TKP kind of trucks would do great here. I have a set coming my way eventually.

@Alphamail Thats interesting. I dont fully understand what you mean by the leaning degree. Do you mean which angle my board can do compared to the ground? Like in the picture?


Is that a Carveboard with the rear truck mounted on the flat part of the tail? Are you using urethane eggs in the trucks? I have a Carveboard sitting here that I want to electrify this year, and anything I can learn from you about improving the riding experience would be great. I’ll definitely try to dewedge the rear truck if it needs more stability, but I realize this board is all about deep carving and not high speed.


Ahh now I think I now what you mean. Mmm… leaning, I don’t know but I think I have way more in me. The thing is that the more I lean the more fucked I would be if the wheels slip. Especially in toe side turns. But it is something I am working on because I think I can throw my self in to corners faster if I lean more. I will check some of my video and see how much I lean. And one thing is sure it’s an awesome feeling doing a corner and my head is way in over the barrier - hanging there.



Yes, the angle of the board in reference to the horizontal plane. As with the superbikes, you need to keep your CG low (knees bent, crouched position, braced for acceleration / deceleration).


I will send you a PN about the Carveboard set up


The thing with the surfrodz are the high hanger seat. I seems that they can be an barrier for more more angle. Maybe not a real thing, but it looks like it could be a thing. I have changed a rear fatcone road side for next session.


SZ venturi seats are definitely a roadblock to lean


Its something I have being thinking about for some time now. There is just something with those high seats. Maybe I should do the hanger mod you showed some time back. I just don’t know anyone with a mill. But I could find one.


mmm… it seems they are a huge roadblock. They go to a certain point and then no more. Maybe its this I have always been feeling with those trucks. Its like they have a dead stop. Do you think I can compensate with some cones with the small end toward the hanger? Or should I seriously consider the milling mod?
I feel I defiantly want more lean.
They are not an optimal design when I think about it. What is the gain of such seats?


No perceivable advantage to the seat design in the SZ TKP’s for what you are trying to achieve. You have tried cones? Not sure if flipping the Cones would help. Did you determine the angle from horizontal you are able to achieve?