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This guy is going too fast without gear: bad example


the part that you don’t seem to understand, is that it only takes one fall and it could all be over. you may not have fallen yet, but it’s not the type of thing that happens a few times then you slowly start to put on some gear. it will happen all at once and you will end up in the ER.

It only takes one fall to end it all.


Wait until you fall when a motor controller shorts out or a kid jumps in front of you at 30mph. Broken bones will be made. Or death will be made. Who knows. Please do your best to practice safety first. This “sport” will depend on it in the years to come dude.


I cherish my physical condition and well being. I like to do physical exercise and workout as much as i can. I think daily on ways to maintain my physical condition and minimize injury (be it through nutrition, rest, warm up exercise, etc.).

@Mattmccrary8 Seeing you go that fast without proper safety equipment unsettles me. I took a fall on my mountain bike a few years back and micro fissured my radius near my elbow. First couple of days i couldn’t bend my arms towards my mouth (so eating, brushing teeth, etc became hard). Afterwards, I couldn’t fully extend my elbow for more than a year. Imagine doing bench press without fully extending one of your arms. Kinda sucks!

My physical and mental well being are above everything else to me. My body is a temple and I’ll be doing my best to keep it running in top condition.


I completely and utterly agree with everything you said!


Which island?


Oahu 10chars


One word: SQUIRREL :see_no_evil:


:anger_right: MONGO!


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that’s the way I roll LittleBro :sunglasses:

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I like this guy. People who push mongo, they have super powers. Nothing makes sense. They can defy the laws of physics, bend space and time to their will. Evidence, the locked knees while going turbo.

If they also foot brake mongo, there is nothing they cannot do.

@Mattmccrary8 keep beasting it up!


Building my first board now. don’t think it will go over 20-25mph, but what kind of safety equipment should I have?
I assumed a helmet, but what else is really necessary?


gloves for sure, messed up my hands bad falling. last time I fell gloves helped a lot. fingerless leather riding gloves are good to hold the remote.

helmet for sure.

elbow and knee pads can’t hurt either.


Impact shorts would have saved me a few bruises in my time!


Ass pads are a REAL investment. Fell down at 30mph in SF about 2 weeks ago. Still have a seriously uncomfortable bruise that makes it impossible to sit down on a chair without looking like Jabba the Hutt.


Do you skate nonelectric? If not, I’d suggest helmet, then don’t go over speeds you can’t run off the board while you practice things like footbraking (touch down with the heel first, super gentle).


I don’t think this one has been posted yet.

In thissun herr, you can see the knees bent, but in an aawkward 90° stance… also, at 2:35 you can really see how the super carvey evolve double TKP trucks are superior to RKP trucks…:joy::joy:




Guess who’s back at it again :call_me_hand:t3::call_me_hand:t3::call_me_hand:t3::call_me_hand:t3: