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This guy is going too fast without gear: bad example


So I should be wearing knee pads, wrist guards and all other shit on my 20+ mile rides. A double jacket and full face helmet should be more than enough gear to eat shit. Rolling through stop signs is the only thing I did wrong in the video.


Dude, don’t listen to these haters bro, you got this. Stop signs are for pussies!

What are you going, like 50mph? Pffft, just tuck and roll bro, you got ur sweats :facepunch:


Maybe consider some low profile d30 knee pads if you don’t like bulky gear. None of that stuff will necessarily save your life if you hit something at 40mph though so there is probably a law of diminishing returns.


Sweats are nice and absorbent, but I prefer to just wrap myself in medical gauze like a mummy, so when I eat shit and rag doll down the street, my bloody wounds are already being treated by the time I come to a stop. If you know of a better way to roll, I’d like to hear it. :game_die::game_die:


One day, one famous dude will kill somebody (or be killed by someone) while ridding reckless an esk8 (without protection)… and then…all hell will break loose over our community and we will be in the eye of a storm. In the public light spot, like bugs being roasted under the sun rays by a magnifying glass. Then this type of videos wont be so funny after all.


Holy shit… :smiling_imp:


Can i make a board with that speed on single sk3 192kv 4000W ?


Ah man… this is already influencing new users :pensive:


You dont want to go that fast :slight_smile:


The way you ride just does not look very experienced. The way you push start is just plain wrong. It doesn´t make me confident in your ability to fall in a way to avoid harmful injury. Just look at some videos from experienced longboarders and their posture on high speed rides!
Please do not upload this kind of videos to youtube it will just lead to trouble for you and the whole community.
Btw. your build is awesome, don´t take it too personal and take it easy on the throttle until you learn to ride and fall properly.


Never skated till I bought an Evolve a year ago and I bet my ass I can out ride most in this community. Falling isn’t something I’ve gotten good at… mainly, because I don’t fall.




please tell me this entire post was a joke bahahaha :joy::rofl:


Did your Yoga instructor use Crystals? If not they are subpar and do not even know what a dragon ball is.


Just an FYI brother. I thought this too. Then one of my wires shorted on the motor and locked up going 25. I went headfirst into the pavement and got a nasty concussion. I LOVE HELMETS!!!


How can you guys complain watching this video. All I saw was those massive quads… Maybe next video throw some more glutes in​:+1::+1:.


Not at all. Please explain. :sushing_face:


Totally agree. The only fall I had was because I didn’t have the failsafe set up because I didn’t bind the remote right. Board locked up around 25mph as. I had a helmet and backpack on so I literally walked away with a few scraps.


i fall all the time. I’m good at it, too.

I wear a helmet. Everyone should wear a helmet.

Ask @zpoole27 he came down for some upgrades and a ride this weekend and i ate a bush right in front of him on the Devil Curve at Gemini Springs. Hungry fucking bushes out there.


@Mattmccrary8 heres how it works. If you dont fall, you know how not to fall.

If you do fall, you know how to fall

I fall like three times every ride, lol. I ride too aggresively. Yesterday i fell a few times, lost my phone from the fall, and almost was run over twice. Now it hurts to even take a step. I fell with the standard tuck and roll/slide but still injured. Its inevitable. I was just wearing a helmet, and i was dizzy because i landed on my head.