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This guy is going too fast without gear: bad example


It´s one thing if you wan´t to ride 40+mph with minimal protection. But atleast obey the traffic laws so you don´t take out the fun of the rest of the peeople who respects the laws and wan´t to enjoy their eboards on the streets.


World of pain.


@PXSS @L3chef

I saw 3 stop signs in the video(correct me if i’m wrong). I saw him slow down pretty significantly, and check his surroundings before accelerating through.

All 3 times there were no cars to the left and the right(aside from the car in front of him). You’ve never rolled through a stop sign not 1 time on your e-board?

This past summer I was riding 30+ miles a day, and got to know the roads around my house like the back of my hand. I knew every stop sign and light.

Certain stop signs I could see cars coming(from opposite directions) from hundreds of yards away. I am not going to come to a complete stop when i’m the only one around in some baron intersection(I understand that wasn’t exactly the case here, but you get my point).


So you are saying if you know the roads it´s ok to not follow the traffic laws?


Quote me where I said that I can’t see it


well it’s basically what I got from your text. but I´m not going to argue with you about it.


@Mattmccrary8 what parts did you use exactly? Incl. bushings etc?


No. I have never rolled through a stop sign with an e-board, a skateboard, a bicycle, or a motorcycle. I have rolled through stop signs in my car in parking lots that have signs in silly places but that’s about it. I have seen a bicycle get slammed rolling through a stop sign when a car turned into them.

I’ve driven the same roads to work for the past 4 years. I can tell you at what time exactly the light at the exit I take will turn green and for how long, how many minutes, I will have to wait for the next green light. I can also tell you what times the lights are in sync going in which direction. Regardless I got into an accident 2 weeks ago because of an idiot that was driving 70 on a 35 and weaving through traffic. They rear-ended me as I stopped to a yellow turning red light.

People that drive or ride like idiots because they feel entitled to go as fast as they can without regards for others should get their driving license taken away in my opinion. If you cannot follow the law, then ride a bus or taxi or whatever.

That is my opinion


I believe this for sure. /s

^^Definitely not what I was saying to do or close to what I was describing, and I think you know that…

I totally agree that there are complete morons all over the road(I ride motorcycles and its a death trap out there, nobody pays attention. I always advocate defensive driving/riding at all times. I would never tell someone to trust other drivers on the road…

I was in a similar accident months ago, and I was lucky it was a puny little prius and I was fine.

Fire up that bus pass buddy.

Look, I’m not here to advocate or tell people to blow through stop signs, or to say F*** the law. I’m just saying if its a fairly empty road, and you significantly slowed down to look both ways before crossing…I don’t see the trouble, and its far from blowing through a stop sign with tunnel vision.


@PXSS @Fiori try to tone it down a little, your heading off topic. if you want to continue, do it in PM’s


We are literally discussing the video OP posted… Relax.

EDIT: The only reason I even posted was because the discussion was more about bashing the riders riding style than talking about his dope build and video.


I don’t even know how we can continue to stay on topic. Should I congratulate the guy for going that fast in inadequate clothing? We just had a guy (almost?) die in an esk8 related accident. The behavior in the video should be condemned in every post in this thread.

Actually I think “beasting it” on public roads with traffic should not have a place on this forum and I’d like to invite the @moderators to decide if we should openly promote videos like that.


My thoughts exactly.


but what happens when your going down that “empty” road and you don’t see a car cause of background or for another reason? what do you think the cop will say if you tell them that the reason you were hit was that you were blowing through stop signs cause you didn’t think there were any other cars? they won’t be happy.

btw, i changed the title. new users do not need to see this as a good example of how to ride


Thank you. Someone gets it.


This guy didn’t enjoy the video. That’s for sure :joy:


Nope. I think its idiotic as posted above.


Forget the cars and all that

A simple mechanical or electrical failure would result in serious injury


This Guy is Going Too Fast with knees locked.


Totally agree. That’s why I had a full face helmet. And 2 jackets on. We all know the risk before getting on an eboard. I’ve had this build for a few months and have made this ride about 25+ times.