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This guy is going too fast without gear: bad example


That right there, is how you ride if you wana get skinned. I’ve done it too many times. I;m a street skate, and we hate anything protective, goes against the culture. But at some point, you realize you doing things far more dangerous on these eboards than I am on a regular board, even though I jump down and grind some pretty hefty shit.

Would like to see more speed though. Looked like around 35 mph at best in the video :slight_smile:


Haha I jacked mine up too… Been about 2 months of stretching and jerkin off daily(I kid). But pretty much good now. But yea. I caught all my weight with my right hand, which collapsed and took a shunt to the elbow…

Elbow was fine because pads. But all the shock went into my rotator cuff. Best thing for these injuries is long static stretching…followed by some ballistics

Learned my lesson though haha never skate when damp(so humid the pavement is seeping…not wet just literally humidity) and carve as hard as you can… The board will 180 underneath you haha


i found that leaning over sideways and dangling my arm while gripping a heavy-ish object (i used one of my 6 ton jacks i use in my press) and fully relaxing the muscles in my arm so that things popped and stretched and rolled into place helped a lot. I would also get jake to tug my arm out every time i did somethign that hurt, and it worked. One of the things my ostepath did was use a massive vibrating massager in the palm of my hand while tugging on my arm to loosen things up. I tried dangling my arm while gripping an oribtal sander and it had a similar effect.

and yes, stretches, stretches, stretches.



That’s me lol… I do wear a helmet. I don’t a have a full face helmet though… I’m actually doing 40mph all the time on this board now


I like this guy! Your dang right I am!


I’ve crashed by not setting the failsafe in my first single build. Locked up around 25mph. Luckily I rolled it out but honestly I’m pretty comfortable at high speeds nowadays. I’m ready for Florida performance day! Hopefully we do some competitions





Running shoes?
Standing up straight while riding?
No pads?
Mongo…can you even foot brake bro?

The guy is on a dead wish…


Oh just wait, I actually have edits on my Mavic and go pro that need to be finished. The video I’m making will making your palms sweat by watching it. This was nothing


Ya’ll should let him ride his ride, I’ve been down at 40 without pro beyond gloves (on a motorcycle) and walked away fine. Different risk assessements/value systems and all that. Not saying kevlar doesn’t make it hurt less, but that takes some of the joy out of the risk for some of us


No harm in pointing out the danger though. The guy in the video has presumably made informed choices regarding protective gear and those choices should be respected, but if nobody mentions how dangerous a lock up would be at those speeds without gear then others might see this and underestimate the risks


I second this

New forum members who aren’t aware of the risks could easily think that these speeds are not dangerous


If someone doesn’t realize that 40mph and pavement might result in pain then they might also have issues feeding themselves haha


It can result in a lot more than just pain though. I know of cases where people have died in impacts around this speed range (not esk8) while wearing gear. Not only that but if you hit a pedestrian at 40 you will almost certainly cause a serious injury. Somebody new to the sport might not realise how easily a board can lock up or have a brake failure​. For example, somebody coming to esk8 from downhill longboarding would be familiar with these speeds but not necessarily aware of the added risk factors that come with an electric board.

I enjoyed the video, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to point out that it is pretty dangerous.


Same problem, but caused by a different accident. Try just one Yoga class, Ashtanga style if you can. Then decide if you like it or not, but in any case its healing power is immense. Tested on myself, starting from totally unbelieving, it has brought immense benefits to me.
Never understood how, hahahaha


I was sorely disappointed in my last yoga instructor who couldn’t even show me how to focus all of my chakra into a single energy blast. I’ve seen Dragon Ball. That’s just basic shit, right?


Hahahahaha. Perhaps because, in doubt, it is always better to choose a young female instructor. It has its definite advantages…


He’s at it again…this is how im enjoying my Christmas morning watching @Mattmccrary8 beasting it again.


Enjoiiii :ok_hand:t4:


That is so stupid. People like you is the reason stuff gets banned. Running stop signs like they’re not even there.