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The new BKB Tayto 31"


Thx that you try to push them!
Hope everything goes well!


Dude I have to give you some credit because I would be banging down their door for this wait. I guess it also shows the type of people on here know the art of patience because other forums it would look like a scene from Frankenstein. because in 2 months they should have been able to produce a bunch of these decks for you not to mention the amount of time and energy you put in before you even announced the deck. If you want to look at a different decks just let me know. Instead of regular trust level it should say patience master or zen master.


i got in on the preorder pretty quick because its almost exactly what ive been wanting for a compact build.
is there anything else out there like it (small deck with kicktail) in case this deck becomes vaporware?


The new loaded kut thaka


I like that one. might grab one out of impatience.
Im still looking forward to the tayto


I will get the decks… not vaporwear.

I’m doing my best to get them here.


I was tempted by the mini-me, bit too costly I think



your efforts are not going unappreciated


nice deck but really short wheelbase.


After sending a million messages today, this is what I got


I think this is @jlabs master plan to get us to buy more stuff during Black Friday, enticing us to save on shipping. :joy::wink:. jk but I’m gonna end up buying more stuff @JLabs so you can just ship all my stuff together. :joy:


Thanks for the update.

I’d really suggest moving away from these guys, sounds like a circus show over there.


Haha I would have to be bat shit crazy to do that… I have thousands of dollars in orders waiting

I really can’t thank you guys enough for your patience. Maybe I will reward pre-orders with a little gift or Bladk Friday deal…

@brenternet 100% getting a new MFG for the next batch. I have some things planned so not sure when that will be, but I ordered enough to hold me over.


You have way more patience that any of us lol. I would have burned their shit down by now. :joy::joy:


Yeah it really does test my patience, but being an asshole to them won’t get me anywhere.


Black Friday deals, yes :smiling_imp: