Buy FOCBOX Unity



Ordered 2 sets.

I have been looking for hex cut grip tape for days. Then you come up w this? That’s a little creepy brah. :rofl::sweat_smile:

You’re always taking my money! You need to stop! Haha.


Thanks for the continued support!

Very few hexagons left, will definitely get more in stock! I was thinking of adding gold and green


Order 2 as well as soon as I saw this lol


pink hex ?


No no no, that’s not how it works… I didn’t ask anyone to buy my product on your thread. I just simply made a comment about price when another member said they were expensive. No one mentioned you here.


thats my bad i quickly added the link. i will delete my post. it was not @JLabs who posted the link.


fair enough, my bad.
I’ll remove my post



Just finished my build with Tayto that I call Uranium X:


Looks good! Is the enclosure single stack? What washers are you using?


Look familiar :joy:.


Thanks. It’s doublestack, the included with tb218 trucks


Looks awesome! Have you taken it out for a ride yet? If so how does it feel with all that power on such a small deck? How fast have you gone? How does it handle cracks, bumps and holes in the pavement?


The roads is full of ice and snow here atm so have only tested it inside the workshop, but as fast as the roads gets free from ice and snow I will test it. I calculated that it can go up to 65km/h but I wouldn’t go that fast with this small deck :joy:


very nice build :+1:

I assume 12s, what kv motors did you used?


Yes 12s, 6374 220KV


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Well, mine just arrive a few days ago, waiting for the unity to buy the batt and put everything together.


Just a quick question, what risers or ahockpads do you recommend for the tayto?



I was thinking the same but I have 1 pair of the same and at the moment I put the trucks there’s a space between the board and the trucks, then I thought that may be a 3/4" ones but don’t want to screw this one XD