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Inside the bushings? What the heck


Sorry I mean risers!


I ran into a few pits when I sanded the spud around the wheel well. If you sand the bottom just be mindful of that. I was able to sand off most of the top paint but make sure you step up your paper when sanding so you get a nice smooth surface the stain.


Hahaha I was like whoa that’s gonna be some cool shit if you could do that


Pick some of this stuff up from homedepot by the windows, makes the enclosure fit perfectly and it’s only $4.


BKB Christmas :grin::grin:


Thanks for the tip! I used some of that to put my Wowgo enclosures on the board and it worked perfectly! I still need to trim the foam, put sealant around the enclosures and touch up some of the black paint, but otherwise the deck swap with my Wowgo KT went well! Despite the kicktail being fairly small (perfect size IMHO), the Tayto kicktail is infinitely more useful than the one on the Wowgo KT deck — I suspect this is largely because of better weight distribution with where the battery is placed on the Tayto.

Here are some pics for those interested:


Should I adhere the weatherproofing foam strip to the board or the enclosure?


The enclosure, it ensures its in the right spot


Finally got mine someone finished! Loving the small wheels except I need to adjust gearing for closer to 30mph as it is very torquey! Hopefully i can get it skinned in something interesting and then put vicious grip on it sometime soon!

Thanks again @JLabs , it was a hell of a wait but I’m very glad now! I really appreciate you making this possible!


Anyone know or hear of an Enertion Space Cell Pro 3 fitting?

From a quick look at the dimensions it looks like the wheelbase is ~1 inch too small.

Perhaps a quick ‘modification’ with the Dremel?


How can I get my hands on one? Are they all sold now? I’m in the UK


They are sold out right now, but more should be in stock by the end of January


DId you guys from europe get your decks yet?
I haven’t even gotten a tracking update since the dec 22nd :sob:


Should arrive today to @bigben


I think 1/3 packages arrived today


1 package arrived, some lovely enclosures. Some pulleys. A couple of bearings and a spud.
The others are on the move and fingers crossed for tomorrows delivery!


Griptape hexagons now available

Tayto pre-orders are now open, and on track for end of the month.


Nice. These laser cut?


Yes, they are laser cut