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The little guy! My spud build


Full Disclosure: Im horrible at taking pics while building. I apologize in advance. It’s hard enough for me to build, half the time im struggling to find out where i put the damn screwdriver i just had in my hands.

I got a spud deck in the little deal i picked up and I couldn’t see myself using auch a small deck. Well when i got home and stood on it, I kinda liked the little guy… i had a 6355 motor so i said why not??? I didnt know they would be different versions of the same motor but im not one to care for small things like that

After ordering another motor and converting my first build to lipo (maybe ill post that one later). I decided to build this lil guy. Nothing major, tb218 on 97mm abec11, dual vesc-x, with a diyeboard enclosure and 10s5p. I believe the samsung 25r… It was sold to me when i was very very new by a member of this site (not throughthe site though) claiming it was his build only to find out he ordered everything from my build on diyeboard. Im not one to name names but lets say his username rhymes with honey lol… but i digress… I also put 12mm belts that i had on some 15 mm pulleys. Didnt think it wouldbe an issue. I got the maytech antispark switch from hyperion

I put the little guy on 218 after failing to get two sk3 on… rather than dismantle everything on the sk3s i just decided to keep them for my surfrodz next week😬… plus i like the wide trucks on the little guy…

Since I figured I was already doing a bunch of stuff i normally dont do, why not put in sensored bldc! My first run around the block was amazing. Super responsive on the controls. Using a nano-x. This lil guy became A new addition to the family. Just gotta add lights and reflective tape to make it all street legal!


what’s the top speed, range?


We need more pictures than that dude. Come on now


Also rhymes with shitbull, good build lol


Let me guess, and his name is


San diegos been rainy. Hard to really test it out…


It’s pretty dry out where I live


Im right by the beach. Today is the first day i can actually ride but im at home with playing xbox witb my son on my day off


The Xbox will keep an eye on him


Im more worried about my xbox!!! Dude will mess up my progress on my games trying to help… the kid is 5, he can take care of himself


Lol. That’s what minecraft is for.


nah, roblox :joy:


(The o is a zero)


I was joking im a minecraft fanboy :sweat_smile:


Kids are on that Fortnite… personally not for me


Roblox all day!!!


His actual name rhymes with Piss too.


Oh shit! I forgot i added Bluetooth module from BKB on the lil guy!!! Definitely getting those for all my builds…


I know I shouldn’t hijack this thread, but can someone explain the whole story with Chris? Is there another thread why I can read the drama? I think I saw a really janky battery that he sold bring exposed on insta and I head another person say he ripped them off for a board.


You should probably DM me the drama so none of us violate the forum’s slander policy…