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The JET SPUD 29" is back again! 😜


Its a ‘sister’ company of ABEC11 so I’m not surprised. 107’s were the hardest thing to get for a long period of time. I think most of it has to do with high over head cost and not enough staff.


Didn’t wanna derail thread so posting here

You should do that anyways.
We need a 31-36 inch deck built for esk8.
Thick, wheel cutouts, battery cutout, kicktail.
Such a big void in this range.


may i ask why 10s4p is preferred to like, a 10s3p or 12s2p?


10s4p=40 cells, 3p=30 cells, 12s2p=24 cells. More cells, more range. More S count, more top speed


@JLabs Can we expect any restock of the Jet Spud soon? :snowboarder: