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The Hyena EMTB | Trampa 35 short | Dual SK3 6374 | 2 x FVT 120a HV | 8S/12S lipo | DIY mounts | DIY controller


Kinda looks like a time bomb :grin:


Winter insulation:

Seems to be working.


And in case anyone is wondering, riding on snow on stock wheels is quite possible and is a lot of fun. (i’m using fresh trampa treads)
Pushing on rear truck and a wheelie can help starting up. With a bit of momentum i can ride through pretty deep snow.
Grips get icy and slippery :expressionless:
Tried zip ties on the tyres, they work well, noticeable improvement in traction, though they all popped after 15 minutes.

@trampa Any plans for winter tyres?


Snoe chains… @barajabali made some last winter. I think someone has used wood screws as spikes, some years back.



Great thread and awesome to see that so much can be done with regular tools.

Are those bushings in the second picture? Of what exactly? Judging by the count (5), I am hoping these are not the original truck bushings.


Noticed the same with the zipties. They eventually fly off. Would love to hear more from trampa about potential winter wheels. Riding through a moderate layer of a snow was fine… but 13+ cm was impossible.


I thought about @barajabali chains, but there’s not enough clearance on my build for them. Though i can extend pulleys and make new cross bars, maybe next year.


Yep, these are truck bushings, i got about 30 spares. They don’t last long.


I’m going to redesign my chains to be cheaper and lighter.


Just had an idea, 40-60mm clamp:

Enough clearance:

(3pcs for a dollar :D)


Nope, they lasted a bit longer than zipties, but not much. Every single one popped.
The belts and pulleys are okay, but would not attempt again.


Did it have any extra grip at all? It is hard to judge whenever they add more grip or not


Oh yes, forgot to mention. Difference in forward traction is very noticeable especially on startup. Without them i have to put all weight on rear truck to start. They dont add any sideways traction.

I think they break because of constant flexing, when tyre compresses. I’ll try to see what i can do with steel cable, nylon belts or rope :slight_smile: fun stuff



I couldn’t help but hear the A-Team theme tune in my head the whole time I was reading this thread - all while still reeling from the possible consequences of sitting on the wrong chair in your house…